Fix Limit Of How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagram

Instagram often restricts users from Fix Limit Of How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagram that they typically do on the platform, such as liking, commenting, and posting stories.

ThisThis may feel annoying when you face such situations where Instagram restricts your actions from happening.

You can fix these things and it’s possible if you know why did this happen. For this you have to know the limit for following, unfollowing, posting, liking, and commenting. Now if you just crossed the limit then you will face such issues on your account.

You can avoid such things from happening by limiting your use of Instagram.

Just contact Instagram if you face a situation on your account- you can switch to another alternative account if necessary.

Although there are some alternative ways (like changing your password) that can fix the error on your Instagram account, it’s wise to take some basic security measures to keep your account safe.

If you can’t comment on Instagram posts,

  • Open the fixing guide for limiting comments.
  • Go along with the steps.
  • Your comments are now limited.

How Long Does Instagram Limit Last:

The restrictions on your account will be automatically lifted after a certain amount of time, depending on your trust score.

Most accounts are restored within 24 to 48 hours, but if that does not happen, just contact Instagram help.

We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram so you don’t miss out on the moments you care about.

Why Does Instagram Limit Your Account:

The “action blocked” error on Instagram is different from the “limit error.” To fix the latter, you need to know the reasons behind it.

This error has prevented users from scrolling down to their feeds and using Instagram for socializing and networking.

action blocked

We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.

This is may due to mass following or unfollowing or violating the restrictions and their terms and services or the privacy policy.

1. Instagram Wants to Prevent Spam:

If you do things in large quantities, such as commenting, liking posts, following, or following people in bulk, Instagram may think your account is a bot. To prevent this, they limit the uses per user.

Instagram Wants to Prevent Spam

2. Your Account Has A Low Trust Score:

The algorithm of Instagram is designed so that taking any action heavily could result in an action block on your account. An action block would reduce your engagement on the app which is considered spam.

Your Account Has A Low Trust Score

Here are a few ways to fix this error:

How To Fix ‘We Limit How Often Instagram…’ Error:

If you’re excessively liking posts or following too many people on Instagram, you’ll eventually get blocked.

In order to fix that you have only one way and that is by contacting Instagram.

Report to Instagram to Fix this Error:

Even if you follow the two methods above, if the error persists, the last thing to do is ‘Report a problem’ to Instagram.

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: You can find the ‘Settings’ by heading towards your profile, and then select ‘Help’.



Step 2: Then tap on the ‘Report a Problem‘ option there.


Report a Problem


I’m trying to add a new row to a table, but when I hit the “add row” button, I get an error message. Here’s a screenshot:

Once you are done, just submit.

The Instagram support team will be able to resolve your issue.

How Many Instagram Posts You Can Add Or Delete In A Day:

There is no such rule for the number of posts that can be deleted either per day or the total number of posts that can be deleted.

However, you may only delete Instagram posts one by one and not altogether at once.

AppThe Instagram app has an exception in that it cannot mass delete its posts. Users can only delete them one by one, individually.

Here are the steps to delete a post:

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: In order to change your Instagram profile picture, you will need to open your account and tap on your profile picture in the right corner.

Step 2: Tap on the post you want to delete.


Step 3: Tap on the three vertical dots and then tap on ‘Delete‘.


The steps below will show you how to delete any post on Instagram using a mobile phone. If you want to delete a post using a web browser, you won’t be able to do so since Instagram only restricts this action to mobile devices.

Instagram Comments And Captions Limit Per Day:

There might be certain limits on the number of characters for comments or captions on Instagram.

The comment limits of Instagram

The number of comments you can post on Instagram each day may vary depending on how old your account is.

For an Instagram account that is newly created or for a new user, the limit could be less than 180 to 200.

YouYou need to take precautions not to exceed the limit. If you do, your Instagram account may be blocked. We suggest always keeping your count lower than the limit to be on the safer side.

comment limits of Instagram

ADon’t post or comment on the same comments multiple times, as this will make your account look like spam and could lead to a ban.

Please take care not to use too many emojis in your comment as this could make your account appear to be a spam account. Always support your emojis with some words to avoid this. Thank you!

The Caption Limits of Instagram:

Instagram has put a character limit of 2,200 on captions.

TwitterTwitter is a social networking site where people can share their thoughts and ideas in 140 characters or less.

Going over the limit may cause problems for your account, including being blocked.

The Caption Limits of Instagram

Make your caption short and catchy! Avoid using only emojis – try adding some words to make it more interesting.

In today’s world, social media is one of the most powerful tools we have to connect with others.Make use of your creativity and try making a short and concise caption that is enough to grab the eyeballs of the people who follow you.

Instagram Posts of Story Limits Per Day:

There is no limit to the number of Instagram posts users can make. They can post as many pictures, videos, and reels as they want.

Instagram Posts of Story Limits Per Day

Not only can you post an unlimited number of posts on Instagram, you can also share as many posts as you wish.

There is no limit to the number of posts you can save from other accounts that you follow or from public accounts.

Although the limit for Instagram Stories is 100 posts a day, you can still upload a lot of content to your story.

Instagram Follow or Unfollow Limit Per Day

Instagram users can follow or unfollow up to 200 people per day. You can follow 20-30 accounts per hour.

I knows that it means that in 24 hours, you can either follow 200 Instagram accounts, or you can follow and unfollow 50 Instagram accounts.

If you follow or unfollow Instagram accounts frequently, you may be temporarily blocked by Instagram.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explains how Instagram takes action to prevent spam by blocking certain actions on the account. The limit on your Instagram account might last for an hour or up to 48 hours, worst permanently blocked. The system considers mass following and unfollowing, liking many posts all at once, all these actions are considered spam actions.

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