What Does It Mean When Following Button Is Green On Instagram

The “following” button on Instagram shows that you are close friends with that person. The Green ‘Following’ Button If the person is your close friend, you can see the green ‘Following’ button. Otherwise, it remains white (by default). Now that you’re a close friend, you can see when the person’s story is updated (indicated by a green circle). To get a green follow button, you just have to follow them and add them to your close friend’s list. Following Instagram allows access to the person’s story and posts.

What Does The Green ‘Following Button’ Mean On Instagram?

Instagram has many popular features, and one of these is the coloring effects. As most of us know, Instagram has a colorful circle feature for stories. Similarly, Instagram has a colorful following button feature that has different meanings from Instagram stories. If the following button is green on Instagram, it means that you have added the person to your ‘Close Friends’ list.

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If you don’t see anyone’s name on your close friend’s list, the following button won’t be green. Once you tap on the following button, you’ll see the close friends icon properly. The logo has a star on a green background on the right side, but if you don’t add someone to your Close Friends list, the button will be white by default. If you tap on the ‘Close Friend’ section after the button turns green, they will be removed from your Close Friends list.

If you tap on the following button, the “Close Friend” section will change to “Add to Close Friends List”. Once you add the person to your Close Friends list, the section will change to “Close Friend” and the button will turn green.

What Is The Name Of The Following Button?

The ‘Followers’ option on Instagram tells you who follows you. Similarly, the ‘Following’ button indicates who you follow on Instagram. This button is usually green or white (by default). If someone adds you as their close friend, the button turns green, otherwise, it remains white.

Check Close Friends List:

Go You can check your close friend’s list on Instagram by opening your account, going to your profile, and tapping the ‘Menu’ button. Then, tap on the option ‘Close Friends’ and you can see those who are top of the list with a ‘tick’ are your close friends. You are not necessarily close friends with someone just because you add them as a close friend on social media, but there is a chance that if you take that step, they will also add you as a close friend.

How To Get The Green Following Button?

If you want to get the green following button, you must add the person to your close friend’s list. Adding someone to your close friend’s list is an easy process. Before going through the steps, keep one thing in mind: you have to follow the person to get the feature, if you don’t follow the person, you can’t add the person to your close friends’ list.

Steps To Follow:

  • To add someone to your close friend’s list first follow the person.
  • Open the person’s profile, tap on the ‘Following’ button a pop-up will come, and tap ‘Add to Close Friends List.

You can go to your profile, tap on the Menu icon, and then choose Close Friends to add someone.

After adding someone to your close friend’s list, you’ll see a green following button appear next to their name. If their account is private, you’ll need to wait until they accept your friend request before you can view their story. In addition to the green following button, you’ll also see a green ring around their story when you post, indicating that it’s only shared with your close friends.

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What Does It Mean to Follow on Instagram?

Instagram has a ‘Following’ feature, which means you’re following that person on Instagram. Once you follow someone, you’ll be able to see their posts and stories on your feed and timeline. Their posts will show up on your feed and their stories will be shown on your timeline. Before you follow someone on Instagram, they will have a ‘Follow’ button, but once you follow them, the button will change to ‘Following.’


In order to add someone to your close friend list, you just have to follow them and then add them as a close friend. Hopefully, after reading this article and following the necessary steps, you will be able to successfully add someone to your close friend list.

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