How To Export Instagram Comments to Excel for Free – Guide

To export Instagram comments in excel, you must first install the IG Comment Export extension on your Google Chrome browser on your PC. You can grab the details of an Instagram post or video by pasting the URL into our tool. Then, you can export the commenter details into an excel sheet on your PC. Firstly, you have to install the IG Follower Export extension on your chrome browser to export the Instagram followers on your PC.

To get the followers’ details, simply put the profile URL into the search bar and export the results onto your device. You can manage your followers, likes, and comments and export them into an excel file for safe keeping on your device. There are some tools or chrome extensions available online that can show you the followers and following lists, as well as the total posts, and count, for users on the extension dashboard.

If you want to know how it works then you should know that you can export your Instagram likes, comments, and followers using the Instagram post link or the profile link. That tool will generate the list that you can save on your device. This article aims to show you how to get a list of your followers’ or commenters’ details easily. Just follow the simple steps below and you’ll be able to export the information in no time!

How To Export Instagram Comments to Excel for Free:

Below the links to these tools and steps of use are explained, just follow these accordingly:

IG Comment Export Chrome Extension:

This Chrome extension is designed specifically for users to export comments from Instagram into a CSV file. With this tool, you can get all the comments on a particular post in one place. This extension allows you to export comments securely, without passing your data to any other server or network.

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  • Allows users to export Instagram comments into CSV file format.
  • Users can view the username and user ID of the person who has commented on the post.
  • It also allows users to get the profile URL and profile picture URL along with the date and time of the comments.

Steps to Follow:

To export the Instagram comments,

  • Firstly, install the IG Comment Export extension on your device. 1
  • Once you have downloaded the extension, pin it to your browser. 2
  • The next step is to copy the URL of the post, and the comments on which you wish to export. 3
  • Now click on the icon of the extension on the toolbar seen in the left corner to open the IG Comment Export. 4
  • Paste the copied URL there.
  • Click on the export button, this will directly export the comments into Excel and by downloading the file for you.

Using Comment Picker Tool:

This is an online tool that allows Instagram users to export any comments from their posts or videos. You can easily download your Instagram comments from your Instagram account to Excel in CSV file format for absolutely free. This secure platform promises its users protection for their data and identity.


  • Users can export Instagram followers and comments to Excel in CSV file format for free.
  • And these exported data include replies to the comments as well.
  • It filters duplicate users.
  • Users can also filter comments based on any specific text.
  • Users can extract the profile link of the other users.
  • The time and date of the comment are also made available on this platform.

Steps to Follow:

To get the commenters list,

  • First of all, visit the website of the comment picker tool. 5
  • The next step is to log in with your Facebook account which is linked to your Instagram account. 6 7
  • Allow to access your profile and posts from your Instagram account and then click on the ‘Read content posted on the page ‘option.
  • Select your Facebook account linked to your Instagram account. 8

Select the Instagram media and then select the comments that you wish to export.

Click on the ‘Export Instagram comments ‘button. All the Instagram comments will be downloaded in CSV format on an Excel sheet. 9

Video On Copying Instagram Comments:

IG Follower Export Tool:

This tool is a free and easy-to-use chrome extension that allows users to export their followers’ list and the list of people they follow. It also helps users export Instagram comments.

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  • Features:
  • Allows users to export every minute information from the total number of comments, their usernames, profiles, comments, date & time of the comment and likes to the comments on any public Instagram posts and videos.
  • You can export the list of their followers from Instagram. Also, export the list of people they follow from Instagram.

Steps To Follow:

To download the Instagram followers list,

  • Firstly, install the IG Follower Export tool on your browser. 10
  • Once you have downloaded the extension, pin it to your browser. 11
  • Log in to your Instagram account through this Chrome extension.
  • Select the post or input that you wish to export.
  • The next step is to choose the file format for your export file and then click on the ‘Go ‘button. 12

Save the CSV data that you have downloaded so that you can access it later.


This article explains how to export Instagram comments, likes, and followers to Excel. You can use extension tools or any of the other alternatives described in the article.

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