How To Fix Couldn’t Load Users on Instagram – Explanation Guide

If you see the error ‘Couldn’t Load Users on Instagram,’ it means you’ve unfollowed too many people too quickly without any time in between. When you use a third-party tool to follow or unfollow a large group of users on your account, you may find that your account is temporarily restricted.

To fix this, follow or unfollow 15 users at 10-minute intervals. Do not unfollow/follow continuously and repetitively without any gap. And last, even after everything, if you’re still facing the same notifications, try using Instagram on a VPN. Install any VPN from Google and open your Instagram over a private network.

Why Do You See The Couldn’t Load Users Error On Instagram?

Following are the reasons why you are seeing the ‘Couldn’t Load Users’ error on your Instagram account:

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Third-Party Tool to Unfollow people (i.e. Instagram ++)

It is strictly prohibited to use any third-party tool on Instagram. If you use any such tool to unfollow a lot of people from your account, you will get notifications about it. You can only use Instagram for its intended purpose and no other app or tool.

There are a plethora of third-party tools available on the internet that make your work easy and fast but will put you in trouble. Hence, if you are using any such tools, then stop using them, remove your account from that app and then, use Instagram, this notification would not trouble you anymore.

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How To Fix “Couldn’t Load Users” Error On Instagram?

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Disable all Third-party tools:

If you’re using a third-party app to follow or unfollow people on your account, disable it right away. Once you do, your Instagram will start working smoothly again, without any notifications. Instagram only allows the usage of its own app, so don’t use any other tools. Also, many of such tools may look safe, but they collect data and attack Instagram’s server, which could harm you in the future.

How To Prevent The “Couldn’t Load Users” Error?

After everything, be careful about the preventive measures so next time you wouldn’t face the error notification.

Stop repetitively unfollowing users in your following list:

You can unfollow people, but some amount of people at a time. Do not unfollow a bulk of users at once. This will create issues and send the wrong indication to the Instagram community, which then imposes restrictions and sends these notifications. Hence, unfollow or follow people, but not in a repetitive manner.

Stop using third-party apps:

If you’re using any third-party apps to access Instagram, stop using them now. Instagram’s network is very strong and it can sense your invalid activity. If you continue to use third-party apps, you will start receiving notifications from Instagram about your violating our terms. So please stop using these apps and don’t violate our terms.

Unfollow a maximum of 15 users in an interval of 10 mins:

The most important thing to remember is to only follow or unfollow a maximum of 15 users at a time and to space out each batch by at least 10 minutes. For example, if you’ve just followed or unfollowed 15 people, wait at least 10 minutes before doing anything else. This will help avoid any potential issues.

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