If You View Someone’s Video on Instagram, Will He Know

If you are talking about the videos posted on the Story, your name will be shown there, but for normal posts, they do not reveal your name. Your name will be shown in the ‘Liked by’ list and in the comments section when you like or comment on anyone’s post.

If you share a business account’s video, the number of shares will be counted and displayed below the Share icon. You can change your account from Personal to Professional on the Instagram Settings page. Viewers who watch a video on someone’s story will have their name shown on the Viewers list; otherwise, they will be anonymous. Instagram does not reveal the number of times you view anyone’s post.

If You View Someone’s Video on Instagram Will the Person Know?

You should know where a person posted a video on Instagram before watching it. If You View Someone’s Video on Instagram A video can be shared publicly on Instagram either through a story or as a post.

For Story Videos:

If you watch someone’s Instagram story video, they’ll get a notification. But as you know, Instagram’s algorithms mean stories only last for 24 hours. People can watch the video within a certain time limit. After that, the video will disappear and can’t be watched again. However, people can watch the video as often as they want within the time limit. If the person shared his story with his Close Friends, then those who are his class friends can see the story too.

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For Posted Videos:

For security reasons, Instagram does not disclose the data of the user who posted the videos on Instagram. However, you can see the number of views for each video. If a person’s Instagram account is private, then there are fewer people who can view your post. You can see the names of those who have liked your post; using this, you can say who has viewed your post because those who liked your post also viewed your post.

Video on How to See Who viewed your Instagram Video:

How Would Someone Know If You Viewed His Video On Instagram:

There are several ways to see who has viewed your posts. If someone likes, comments, or shares your post, their name will be visible. This means they have viewed your post.

If you Liked His Video:

To see who’s viewed your post, just log in to your account and go to your Profile. After entering your Profile, scroll down the page to see all of the posts you’ve shared on Instagram. 1

You can see the number of likes and some of their names at the bottom left of this post. To see the full list of people who liked your post, click on the number of likes.

If you Commented on His Video:

You can check who viewed your Profile by looking at the number of comments on your video. To see who comments on your video, go to your Profile and open the video whose comments you want to see. 2

If you Shared His Video:

If you share his video, the number of shares will be counted. But using a general account, you cannot see the number of shares. You have to transfer your account to a professional account. From the Settings, you can also change the Like and Comments settings. To change the Privacy settings, go to the Settings of your Instagram account and tap on it. There, you can hide likes and view counts from the Posts and change who can comment on your post.


Every Instagram user should know that if you view someone’s story and posts, then Instagram may notify them about it. You can also restrict people from viewing your posts. Hopefully, after reading this, you can easily restrict people from viewing your posts and know who can see them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you view a video on Instagram, is it anonymous?

Yes, if you view a video or post on Instagram and do not like, comment, or share it, then the other person cannot tell who has seen his post because Instagram does not give you the data on whose posts you have viewed. But if you view his story, your name will be on the Viewer’s list.

Can I see who viewed my video on Instagram?

If you share your video on your Story, If You View Someone’s Video on Instagram you can see who views your story from the Viewers list. If you share your video as a normal post, you can’t see who viewed your post if they do not like or comment on your video.

Can someone see how many times you viewed their Instagram video?

No, Instagram does not reveal your name or the number of times you have seen a post. If you like or comment on a post, your name will be shown there, but if you view the post multiple times, the number will not be shown. Even for Story videos, only the name will be shown, not the number of views.

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