Instagram Stories – 5 Seconds Of Fame

Instagram stories!

Where to begin!

No doubt, the whole concept was started by Snapchat, but soon it started winning hearts, holding the hands of Instagram.

It is not just the new features but also the excellent marketing strategy which many are using in order to get rid of some of the social media marketing issues.

Yes, we are talking about marketing strategies, and we know why it might sound a little confusing.

Because the first thing that comes to our mind whenever we hear the term ‘story’ is something very informal comes to our mind.


That is not something that you generally associate with business.

However, that is not true!

Who said business couldn’t be informal!

An informal promotion of a business actually helps someone relate to the organization on a much deeper level.

This is why what we all need is the 5 seconds of fame through Instagram stories.

Why Instagram Stories

Here are some of the reasons why Instagram stories are so popular.

– One directly gets to see the number of people who have viewed the story along with the profiles. Helps better in customer characterization.

– Tags and hashtags help you to reach out to the customers and give them a big shoutout.

– Instagram stories help you to connect with your customer base better with surveys and polls.

– One can humanize the business through these informal stories; they are no more a matter of a big organization that has no relatability. Now, every customer or even potential buyer is a part of the organization community.’’

Instagram stories are getting so popular that some are even using softwares and other applications to learn and boost their Instagram stories. You can download some of these softwares for free just click

How To Make Your Instagram Stories More Attractive

Here are some of the ways in which you can make your Instagram stories more attractive.

1. Post Behind The Scenes

If you want to get your potential customers to relate to you, do not just post the good part.

Do something a little different!

One great thing which you can do is start posting behind the scenes of the business over Instagram stories.

Make a series of stories, and let your audience know about the customers; the hard work; and the struggle that goes through when they are trying to get each item to your safely.

2. Surveys & Polls

Surveys and polls are not only excellent ways to keep your customers engaged, but it is also a good way to understand what exactly your customer wants.

There is no way your business can excel without the help of its customers.

Listening to your customers and understanding what they want is the best way to serve them right.

These polls will help you understand the things which you might need to change in your marketing strategy as well.

3. Mystery Posts

This is a brand new way in which people are trying to spike the interest of many with the help of stories.

This is where you hide major elements of your post and create suspense.

This automatically awakens a sense of the urge to unravel that mystery, and they will automatically click on the story to get to your Instagram posts.

4. Shout Outs

Shout-outs are a great way to let your followers be a part of that five minutes of fame.

You can easily help someone get more followers with the help of these stories. Now, if they post this story in their story, it will help you some new followers with that exposure.

5. Short Videos

You can literally create an entire series o stories with the help of short stories.

This could be a very innovative way to show an advertisement, where they have to wait for the next story in order to reveal the entire advertisement.

It will keep them hooked!

Short Stories – Big Promotions!

Yes, the stories could be short!

However, short stories can give rise to big promotional campaigns, which can make or break your business campaign.

This is one of the reasons why you need to master the art of Instagram stories and get those applications for help right away.

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