Post Goes Against Our Community Guidelines Instagram – Guide

This error may show when Instagram detects a post that goes against our Community Guidelines. This can include intellectual property, inappropriate imagery, spam, illegal content, hate speech, bullying, abuse, and more. You can avoid future issues by thinking about what to do and what not to do.

Be supportive by not glorifying self-injury. Be thoughtful when posting newsworthy events. To fix this problem, if you think you have not done anything that goes against their community guidelines, submit a report that describes the problem or ask them to review your post once again.

Why Does It Show “Your Post Goes Against Our Community Guidelines”?

There are the below following reasons why you would see this error:

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Violated Community Guidelines:

The app’s policy to remove content that violates their community guidelines may result in the termination of entire posts. This also applies to accounts that may be disabled for violating said guidelines. In cases where physical harm or threat to public safety is believed to be present, law enforcement will be contacted.

Looking at the guidelines is better to stay on the safe side and not have the trouble of having a post violating the community guidelines. For more information, visit their full blog: section or view the complete policies on their Help Center.

How To Fix Your Post Goes Against Our Community Guidelines?

If you believe that Instagram has removed one of your posts by mistake, you can ask them to review it. Instagram sometimes takes down posts mistakenly, thinking they violate community guidelines. However, if you are sure that your post does not go against any guidelines, you can request a review from Instagram.

If you see a message that your post goes against our community guidelines, you can either submit a request to have it reviewed, or click the “Ok” option to remove the message. Please note that this is only a quick warning message, and repeated violations may result in your account being disabled.

Video on How to Remove “your Post Goes Against Our Community Guidelines?”:

Claim to Instagram – Is It Not Your Fault (Report A Problem):

It can be difficult to deal with Instagram messages like this, as it’s unclear whether the error is on your end or theirs. However, if you think your post doesn’t violate any of their procedures, you can ask Instagram to review it.

Follow Instagram Guidelines:

Instagram does not permit content that promotes or glorifies terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups. Similarly, buying or selling firearms, alcohol, or tobacco products between private individuals is not allowed. Finally, Instagram prohibits the sale of non-medical or pharmaceutical drugs.

They also remove content that attempts to buy, sell, or trade illegal drugs, as well as content that either admits to personal use (unless in the recovery context) or coordinates or promotes the use of illegal drugs. Instagram also prohibits the sale of live animals between private individuals, although brick-and-mortar shops may offer these sales. No one may coordinate the poaching or selling of endangered species or their parts.


Before deletion, Instagram provides users with a warning, giving them a chance to recover their accounts. The timeline of violations is a step toward greater transparency, as it Previously, Instagram deactivated accounts without explanation. With the timeline, Instagram can help users understand the reason behind deactivation.

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