Can You Restore Comments on Instagram After Unblocking – Guide

There are two ways to improve your website’s ranking on Google: 1. Use the Way back Machine tool to find out what your site used to look like and improve upon it, or 2. take screenshots of your site to show Google what it looks like now. The Way Back Machine Tool tracks all the popular content of different websites on the Internet in the form of cache data. So, if your post is popular enough to get captured, then, copy the link of your post and paste it on the Way Back Machine (

Open the post on your Instagram account and tap on the ‘three dots’ icon in the top right corner of the post. Click on ‘copy link’ and paste it into the tool. As a result, you will get the comments and previous content of the post. Second, on your device’s gallery, find the screenshot of the comments. In your gallery, search for the screenshot of the comments you might have taken from proof or memory to share with your friends.

Can You Restore Comments on Instagram After Unblocking?

No, you cannot restore the comments on Instagram after unblocking someone. When you block someone from your Instagram account, their comments, likes, and reactions to your stories will all disappear. That person will completely disappear from your Instagram, and after unblocking them, they will reappear, but their comments, likes, etc. will not be restored. When you block someone on Instagram, their comments will be removed from your account and will not be restored if you unblock them.

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How To See Comments of The Blocked Person on Instagram?

There are a few ways that you can view the comments of a blocked person on Instagram. One way is to search for their profile using a search engine. Another way is to ask someone who is not blocked by the person you want to view comments from. Finally, you can view the comments of a blocked person on Instagram by using a third-party app.


The Way Back Machine is a tool that uses to keep track of websites, posts, videos, comments, and other content changes over time. It’s a useful tool for reviewing how a website has changed or for seeing content that is no longer available on the internet.

The Way Back Machine archives popular content from all types of websites on the Internet. To find a cached version of a post, simply enter its URL into the search bar. If the post is in the Way Back Machine, you’ll be able to view its previous version.

The Way Back Machine only has a 30% chance of showing old comments made by a blocked person on your posts and videos. However, if the Way Back Machine has a cached copy of the data for a particular post, then you might be able to see an older version of that post and its comments. Now let’s extract the comments of the blocked person through the Way Back Machine tool.

Steps To Follow:

  • First of all, copy the link to the post whose old comments you want to see.
  • For that, go to your Instagram profile page, and from the ‘Post’ section, tap and open that post.
  • To get a link to a post, click on the “Three dots” on the top right corner of the post, and then click “Link” on the right side of the menu that opens.
  • Next, open a web browser and search the official website of the Way Back Machine tool. For reference use this link – Way back Machine (
  • When you open the tool, you will find a space on the first interface to paste a link. Paste the link in the space which says – ‘Enter the URL or words related to a site’s home page.’
  • Thereafter, wait for the result to appear on the screen and get the old comments on that post.

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From Screenshots:

The best way to see the comments from the blocked person on your Instagram posts and videos is through ‘Screenshots.’ Many a time, people take a screenshot of the comments under the post to post on a story or share it with friends on another platform. It is possible that you may also have taken the screenshot of the comment that you are now looking for.

Open the gallery on your device and go to the ‘Screenshot’ section. Scroll until you find the screenshot of the comments. If you’re looking for it so badly, then you must have taken a screenshot of it. Check your screenshot section and you will find it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I block someone on Instagram, will my likes and comments still be on their posts?

No, that person’s likes and comments on your posts will be removed if you block them from your Instagram account. In fact, when you block someone, that person is completely removed from your account including his comments and likes on your posts.

If you block someone on Instagram, can they still see DMs you’ve sent them?

Can people still see the DMs you sent them even if your Instagram username doesn’t appear on their chat list? Yes, the chat will still be there, but your name will appear as ‘Instagrammer’ or ‘Unavailable’ instead.

However, the situation is quite different on your Instagram account. The person’s DMs and all related content will be completely removed from your account.

If I’ve blocked someone on Instagram, why can’t I see their profile?

According to Instagram’s T&C policy, if someone blocks someone on Instagram, then both the person who is blocked and the one who blocks cannot see each other’s profile on Instagram. For example, if A blocks B, then neither A nor B can see each other’s profiles on Instagram. They will become completely invisible to each other.

Do comments get deleted if you block someone?

Yes, blocking someone on Instagram will delete all comments from that person on your account. Everything related to that person will be removed from your Instagram account, once you block them. So, yes, the comments get deleted if you block someone.

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