How To Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram DM – Explained

If someone blocks you on Instagram, they will no longer appear in your Followers list. However, this may also be indicative of other things. There is a plethora of reasons why people could get blocked on your feed or from directly messaging you on Instagram. When someone blocks you on Instagram, they will no longer be able to see your posts or Stories. Additionally, they will no longer be able to send you direct messages.

The person you’ve blocked on Instagram will have their profile picture and username greyed out, and their post count, followers, and following lists will be hidden from you. The person’s Instagram Direct Message chat will be disappeared, but you can see the posted comments of that person and from there you can visit his profile to spy on these things.

If you can see the person without being logged in or in incognito mode, that means they’ve blocked you on their account. There are two possible explanations for why someone’s Instagram profile might disappear: either they’ve blocked you, or they’ve deactivated their account.

When someone blocks you on Instagram, there are several indications that you will see. These things will be really helpful in identifying the person if he has blocked you.

If Someone Blocked You on Instagram, Can They See Your Profile:

One of the best things about Instagram is that you can block someone if you feel like they’re invading your privacy, or if they make you uncomfortable. However, even after you’ve blocked them, you might still wonder whether or not they can see your profile.

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Here is the tested answer to your query:

When the person who is blocked visits your profile, they can see the blocker’s profile, but their posts are not visible to them. Your posts will say “No Posts Yet” instead of your posted photos and videos. Although the person whom you have blocked can still see the number of your posts on the top of your profile, your followers and the profiles you are following become concealed to them.

However, all these things apply to you too. So, we can also say that it is a two-way deal to block someone. If you don’t want to be stalked, you can’t also stalk them.

If Someone Blocked You on Instagram, Can You Still Message Them:

When you block someone on Instagram, they can’t receive messages from you. Blocking someone means that they can’t read or receive your messages. When you block someone or someone blocks you on Instagram, you will no longer be able to interact with each other on the app. This means that you will not be able to view each other’s profiles, and any posts or stories you share will not be visible to the other person.

The answer to this question is that you cannot send someone a direct message on Instagram if they have blocked you.

What Happens If Someone Blocks You on Instagram?

It’s easy to block someone on Instagram, but what if you’re the one getting blocked? Here’s how to tell if someone has blocked you on Instagram. If you can’t see someone’s profile or send them direct messages on social media, they may have either deactivated or deleted their account, or they may have blocked you.

You Cannot See the Stuff on his Profile:

The best way to tell if someone has blocked you on Instagram is by searching for your profile. If they have a public profile and their posts are visible to you, then you are not blocked by them.

Private accounts that say “This Account is Private” cannot block you. When you go to look at someone’s profile and all you see is a number for how many posts they’ve made, but no actual posts, it means they’ve blocked you.

When you search for a particular person, you can see their profile without logging in if it’s public. If it’s private, you can’t. This means they’ve blocked you. If you’re already logged in to Instagram, it’ll take you straight to that person’s profile. If an error message appears that says “Sorry, this page isn’t available,” it means you’ve been blocked by that person.

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How To Tell If Someone Removed You On Instagram?

You can check to see if someone has unfollowed you on Instagram by looking at your follower count. If it has decreased, then that person has unfollowed you.

  • First, you have to go to that person’s profile that you want to check if they have removed you from their Instagram.
  • On their profile, click on the “Following”.
  • Then you can search for your name in the following list.
  • If you are not there that means they have removed you from their Instagram profile.


The article said that these are the ways you can find out if someone has blocked you on Instagram. If you can’t find the profile link to verify their account, you can go to old comments and find their profile link there.

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