Why Instagram Won’t Let Me Post & How to Fix – Guide

There might be a problem with posting if the aspect ratio or file size is causing the file not to upload. Make sure your Wi-Fi or internet connection is available, switch your phone to flight mode and turn it off if you have any related problems. Posts that don’t follow community guidelines are also blocked from being posted.

You can convert files of any format into PNG, MP3, and MP4 files using sites like Free-Convert, Audio Converter Online, and Online Convert.

The way to clear your Instagram cache is to go into your phone’s settings. For iPhone, go to “Settings,” then “General,” and then “iPhone Storage.” From there, tap on Instagram and “Offload App.” For Android, go to “Settings,” then “Apps & notifications,” then “App info,” and finally Instagram. Tap “Storage & cache” and then “Clear Cache.”

It’s easy to improve your internet connection or go to a Wi-Fi connection that doesn’t cause any disruption while posting stuff on Instagram.

Why Instagram Won’t Let Me Post

Issues with the file uploading:

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One of the significant reasons users face this problem while trying to upload is an issue with the file size and aspect ratio.

The App’s glitchiness disrupts the file upload process. Another reason this happens is that the video is of higher quality than the App can handle. Usually, this causes the App to upload the video slower than usual, but on days when the server is receiving a lot of activity, you will not be able to upload your files in one go.

To reduce the file size without reducing quality, you can configure a smaller configuration while maintaining clarity. This will prevent the problem when you upload the file.

How To Fix If Instagram Won’t Let You Post?

Check the file and convert it to Mp4, Png, or mp3 (from other formats):

Before posting, check if the file you’re trying to share is in a compatible format. Use one of the many converters available online to make sure your file can be read by everyone.

FreeConvert (https://www.freeconvert.com/):

This website helps convert image files of any format to .png.

Steps To Follow:

  • Hover the cursor over the drop-down option beside “Choose Files”. There will be three options.
  • For example, you tapped on “From Device”. Search for the file and select it, then tap on “Convert to PNG”. Tap on “Download PNG” to download the file.

Video on Why Instagram Won’t Let Me Post & How to Fix It:

Audio Converter Online (https://online-audio-converter.com/):

It converts files to MP3.

Steps To Follow:

  • Tap on “Open files” and select a file. Tap on “Convert”.
  • Then tap on “Download”.

Online Convert (https://www.online-convert.com/)

This website helps to convert any file to a video or an mp4 file.

  • Tap on the option “Choose File”. Select a file that you want to convert.
  • Tap on “Start”. Your file will be downloaded.

Clear the Cache or Offload Data for Instagram app

For iPhone:

Steps To Follow:

  • Open “Settings”> “General”> “iPhone Storage”
  • First, open the “Settings” app and tap on the option “General”. Under this, you will find an option towards the bottom that says “iPhone Storage”. Tap on it.
  • Go to “Instagram”> “Offload App”

Now search for the “Instagram” option and tap on it to open the “Instagram” tab. Here you will notice an option to “Offload App” which will clear all existing cache.

For Android:

Steps To Follow:

Go to “Settings” > “App info”

  • First, open the “Settings” app on your phone. Then look for the option that says “Apps & notifications”. Keep in mind that the name of this option will be different for different versions. Tap on this, then tap on “App info”.
  • Go to “Instagram”>” Storage & cache”> “Clear Cache”
  • Now, scroll to find the “Instagram” option. Tap it, then tap “Storage & cache.” Tap “Clear Cache.”

Uninstall & Reinstall App:

Perhaps the easiest way to fix an issue with an App is to uninstall and reinstall it. By downloading the App again, you ensure that you have the latest, updated version; this may reduce the chance of encountering the same problem, as well as getting rid of any existing bugs.

  • Go to the App and long-press it until an option appears above it that says “Uninstall”. Tap on it to uninstall the App.
  • Install the App from your device’s App Store. When you search for the App in your App Store, you will see an “Install” or “Get” option beside the App name. Tapping on this will reinstall the App on your phone. After this, you should notice that the problem has been solved.

Move to Better Internet Connection:

If your internet connection is usually causing problems while uploading, you may want to try talking to your internet service provider or moving to more stable internet. You may also find that a better Wi-Fi connection can help. If all else fails, you can try turning off your internet or Wi-Fi and then turning it back on again to try and get a better connection.

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