Are Gaming Laptops Worth It? Only For Some

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It, gaming laptops can provide fantastic performance, but they’re no secret that they come at a much larger price?

However, I have the answer to this after doing much research and being someone who was once an owner of a gaming laptop!

Are gaming laptops worth the price? For people who like to move around frequently and also want a laptop powerful enough to play games, a gaming laptop is well worth the price.

When you’re in the process of making your next big purchase, think about where and how you will be using your digital device because it’s important to look for devices that have been created specifically.

For the purpose of serving as either a portable gaming system or an everyday computer depending on what kind of person you are and what kind of lifestyle you lead.

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

In this article, we’ll break down the key areas involved with gaming laptops to explain how each of them contributes to the overall quality of a laptop that you’re going to be using primarily for games.

As a way to guide customers looking into the PC market, we will be often comparing a gaming laptop’s performance to that of a gaming desktop.

Most people don’t know that they should shop around when they need a credit card. We know it’s in your best interest to find out which of the different ones would best compliment your lifestyle.

How Mobile Are Gaming Laptops?

With only one major advantage, Are Gaming Laptops Worth It mobility is the only reason to consider getting a gaming laptop.

One of the main reasons people purchase gaming laptops is because they know they will be using them while traveling.

If you are often on the road, whether it is for a short trip or staying over at a friend’s house, these devices allow you to continue being a gamer no matter where life takes you.

We know how difficult it is to choose a laptop because they come in such different sizes and shapes, so whatever your preferences are we’re sure we have something for you.

When it comes to gaming, there’s a lot of stuff that can either make or break your experience.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you might find some new games are more enjoyable when played from the comfort of your own bed rather than a desk.

Whilst it is certainly true that gaming desktops won’t run out and need to be upgraded, they will still become obsolete. Gaming Desktops are not typically built to last as long as a traditional tower or even laptop.

Those looking for gaming laptops also need a mouse, Are Gaming Laptops Worth It keyboard and force feedback capable pedals for safe controls. If you want to go completely wireless, ensure your laptop is compatible with the PC version of VR headsets as well.

Gaming laptops were made to travel with, so there is less worry when it comes to an internal part breaking during transport or having to take out certain pieces before moving your PC.

Laptop gaming is ideal for people living in small living quarters that lack space to comfortably set up a traditional desktop system.

The problem with all of those computers that require desks, is that you might not have the luxury to get a specific room designated only for your computer and its accessories.

A laptop can easily fit on your desk out of sight when it’s not in use. Are Gaming Laptops Worth It And who doesn’t like playing games on their beds? I know I do.

Are Gaming Laptops Powerful?

Gaming laptops offer the biggest benefit, and it’s their light weight, but what holds them back from being more popular is their mediocre battery life due to high power consumption.

The Gaming laptops don’t perform quite as good as a gaming desktop with the same parts.

Gaming laptops use downscaled versions of popular parts that run on less voltage and operate lower temperature.

These are the parts that have to make sacrifices of performance in order to fit in the small enclosure.

People who tend to not move around a lot, naturally should choose a desktop over a laptop for gaming purposes. Those who are constantly on the move do just fine with laptops though as they’re more portable to accommodate such lifestyles.

Gaming laptops can be more resource-intensive than their desktop counterparts, but are still an option when it comes to getting the most out of your laptop PC.

These larger parts are actually better at dissipating heat due to their increased surface area. They have lower temps in a larger environment with better airflow.

How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last?

Laptops need to be particularly portable and have a very long battery life, which puts some constraints on what hardware is used.

So it’s not surprising that gaming laptops are the best suited type of laptop for playing games, since they are equipped with powerful enough graphical processing units which provide high definition audio/video output.

If you start with a gaming laptop that has budget parts like a 1660ti, Are Gaming Laptops Worth It it may only last you 2 years.

This is based on the fact that games have enough demanding graphics and content to bring lesser computers than yours to their knees within the same amount of time.

Once your gaming laptop’s GPU gets outdated, you will regrettably have to purchase a new one in order to upgrade.

Just because you’re on a laptop doesn’t mean that you can’t game! The most reliable option is to invest in an extra graphics card, but it isn’t cheap and it will make gaming harder when switching between video cards.

Another area where a gaming desktop is better is if you’re not planning on traveling too far.

On a gaming desktop, you can easily swap out the graphics card that comes with your machine if it is lacking and improve your FPS (frames per second).

It goes without saying that any other part of your computer, from the look and style of your PC case to the most powerful CPU on the market can be tailored to fulfill all of your requirements.

A gaming desktop can swap out one part while keeping the other parts in place and doesn’t have to spend nearly as much on upgrades as you would with a gaming laptop.

Are Gaming Laptops Easy To Maintain? a-Razer-gaming-laptop-and-gaming-keyboard 1

Gaming laptops are designed to be more user-friendly than traditional computers. While having a laptop may be great for taking it with you on trips or hide it underneath your desk at work.

You still need to keep up maintenance on your computer and make sure all of the many parts (like the graphics card) are in perfect working condition so that you won’t run into any issues when they’re needed.

A gaming computer can be a lot like an amusement park. Are Gaming Laptops Worth It Most of the pieces are there and you want to keep them working but sometimes something breaks down and you don’t understand why or how it happened.

Then suddenly you’re trying a million things all at once to fix the problem.

In my case, I like to manage problems via desktop because it helps me better manage the fixes for particular difficulties. Typically, I can resolve issues quickly and with a couple of searches.

Not having to wait on the manufacturer or dealing with a middleman when it comes to shipping the product is a huge bonus.

However, if you’re not too keen on spending a lot of time troubleshooting your own Mac for hardware problems, it may be much more convenient to fix the issues yourself on a gaming laptop.

Before we move on, I will mention that by buying a pre-built gaming PC from good gaming PC manufacturers you can also be able to obtain similar ease of use.

With so many options out there, choosing which computer to buy can be a difficult task. Whether you purchase from a store or build your own.

It’s always best to check our site for added details about specifications and to compare the prices of what you find with the ones we have posted here in order to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

How Is The Cooling On A Gaming Laptop?

Most gaming laptops have powerful, hot parts which tend to make the device overheat easily and cause damage if not cooled properly.

Most gaming laptops have a small framing and so when combined with the very hot devices, air usually gets trapped within the machine.

This can be easily avoided by doing your research and finding the right kind of laptop for playing video games to not overheat, opt for a laptop with better cooling/air flow, so do your research carefully.

Generally, gaming desktops are likely to perform cooler and quieter due to their manufacturers putting cooling solutions into the design of the system.

Heating issues can be the downfall of a machine’s performance or usability. Are Gaming Laptops Worth It So when shopping around, make sure that is a top priority while keeping your checklist in mind.

The Storage Limitations Of Gaming Laptops

If you buy a gaming laptop, you can’t really expand the storage opportunity available to you nearly as much as when you have a gaming desktop computer.

For many high-end gaming laptops, or any other laptop for that matter, it may be possible to install an additional M.2 SSD or utilize hard disk drive (HDD) in an internal fashion. There are options for both situations.

This may not be a big deal for some, but keep in mind the interface is slower than the more modern USB 3.0 standard.

Also, you should make sure to use one of the few USB 2.0 ports available on your gaming laptop since there might not be any available when you try to plug this adapter into your PC.

Gaming laptops have an average of two to four USB slots available which can make plugging in external hard drives difficult.

If you choose carefully, some laptops will allow you to add another hard drive as an additional storage for your games.

When choosing a laptop, you will have to purchase and install the internal storage drive yourself. This is the best way to increase storage capacity on gaming laptops, however.

Newer laptops are providing NVMe slots that can be used to add another M.2, but they’re also including space inside the laptop to add a hard drive as well.

The benefit of an internal hard drive is that it is cheaper and offers ample storage space. The main downside? It’s definitely slower than an external hard drive.

However, Multiplayer games and other file storage options are the most beneficial for users playing these kinds of games the least.

You will need a specially sized disk drive for your gaming laptop if you have an internal disk bay available.

As the consumer`s needs get more powerful, so must the capacity of a hard drive. In most cases, a 2.5” HDD resembles that of a Pocket-sized external Hard Drive.

The 3.5” HDD is commonly found in television consoles and include 1 TB and more. However, it seems there are no laptops on the market which have this larger capacity.

A high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) port is a sound component Component that you can use to connect your device to your television.

For $60, you can get 2TB of HDD which is a traditional 3.5-inch size and not compatible with a laptop installation.

For the same money, you can get a 1TB HDD that is 2.5 inches, Are Gaming Laptops Worth It which can easily fit into your gaming laptop.

This price continues to scale with higher storage varieties, but even 1 TB should be plenty on top of the 512 GB you already have.

When it comes to gaming desktops, it’s important to select the right components in your build so as not to run out of space for more storage drives.

Many gamers find themselves running into issues where they have filled all of their SATA ports on the motherboard and simply cannot store their next game because there is no room left.

M.2s will take up 2 SATA slots and won’t use a SATA transfer cable. In fact, M.2 SSDs are installed in a dedicated slot on the motherboard.

If you need extra storage with a gaming PC, simply add an HDD or SSD and consider the deal done.

Better yet, consider grabbing the best of both worlds and having all the possible benefits at your fingertips when you invest in a small form factor SSD.

All in all, this is another category where having a gaming desktop provides a superior experience with more opportunity for seamless expansion.

Which Is Louder A Gaming Desktop Or Gaming Laptop? a-stack-of-laptops-with-a-gaming-laptop-on-top 2

This will ultimately depend on the parts being used in the gaming desktop, as those can be quite loud if they are cheaply made.

Gaming desktop parts can be loud and distracting, so you may want to consider where you place your gaming pc.

One thing that you can do is to research the quality of the laptop you are looking into as these are factors that will affect fan speed and volume.

For example, when a gaming laptop typically has better sound quality than its quieter counterparts since it has more components.

There are many new types of desktop computer fans available today. Some of the best gaming fans have unique qualities that promote eye-catching aesthetics and durability to offer the best performance possible in terms of cooling and noise reduction.

My favorite brand of cooling fans is Noctua. Their silent cooling fans can be just as powerful as their premium counterparts.

My CPU is dead silent when I am playing intensive games, and stays cool even during high temperatures.

I’m sure if I played the same game on my gaming laptop that you would hear the game through the speakers in your headphones, but perhaps this is a matter of personal preference.

When gaming, I prefer a quiet environment so that my headphones aren’t completely sound-proof.

Gaming Laptop Screens Vs Dedicated Gaming Monitors

When it comes to gaming laptops what you see is what you get, especially with their screens and swapping them out isn’t likely.

If your monitor doesn’t have an adequate resolution, quality or refresh rate, or perhaps it’s too easy for its conditions to be changed by external factors such as glare, you may be forced to use an additional screen in order to accomplish your project objectives.

External gaming monitors are fantastic, and you have a very wide variety. For example, HDTVs are a great choice for playing your favorite games on because they give you the freedom to play from anywhere in your room without having to sit at your laptop.

The more mobility you lose to things like eGPUs and external storage, the less reason there is to have a gaming laptop.

If you are going to be gaming, we suggest getting a gaming desktop. Gaming laptops can’t compare to the performance of a gaming desktop and may still experience performance issues even with the best processors and graphic cards.

With a gaming desktop, be prepared to also purchase an external monitor. You won’t be moving it very often since it will most likely remain in one place while you’re using it.

There are a lot of monitors on the market. Are Gaming Laptops Worth It Because of this, you can get them at an especially low price when they’ve reached their previous cycle.

Monitor panel technology is continually improving, meaning you could now buy a monitor panel with IPS technologies and super-fast speeds previously only achievable through TN panels.

Ultimately, with a gaming desktop in a gaming monitor setup, you are stuck to one place for playing games, but you will have the best customization options available.

So you can get exactly what you’re looking for when it’s time to decide between graphics and customizability.

How Good Is The Battery Life On Gaming Laptops?

If you plan to take your gaming laptop out and about with you, plug it into the mains not just when you get home or if it happens to die on you after a few hours.

Gamers need to be able to play their games in the liveliest of ways, which tends to demand a lot of power and energy.

Because of this, if your laptop’s battery is not able to stay charged while you’re playing one of today’s more intense games, then it likely means your machine is too old and might not be up to par.

This will vary from one laptop to the next. Different brands use different kinds of batteries, and so the ways in which they drain vary depending on these things.

Smaller batteries, such as those on the market for smartphones and gaming hand held devices, have been known to lose their power very quickly – sometimes going from full to empty in a single sitting.

This is why it pays to charge your gaming device’s battery before you need to use it and also for you to keep it plugged into a power source throughout your gaming session.

Who Should Get A Gaming Laptop?

Gamers need a good powerful laptop that can support their long play sessions. Considering the high-end graphic cards and the top notch processors, these laptops come with a hefty price tag which makes them not an option for everyone.

If you travel frequently for work or are often away from home for long periods of time, then a gaming laptop is essential.

Gaming laptops are capable machines that run effectively and provide a great gaming experience. However, they will never suffice as a daily driver laptop, tablet or workstation.

They have good performance, and many have adequate cooling in various cases, but this isn’t always the case. For example, some phone screens are tough to look at when under bright light.

Laptops have become more powerful over the years with higher-end laptops having screens that can refresh at a rate of up to 300hz.

It might be something you’ll never need, but just using one that refreshes at 144hz will make you as an end user feel really great because you’ll experience fewer delays while using your laptop’s interface.

Then, of course, the real benefit is taking all that power and carrying it with you wherever you go with ease. After all one day you might leave your home with them by accident.

The real problem with gaming laptops is that they don’t compare well to desktops.

Gaming laptops were never meant to be as powerful or better than a gaming desktop: all those laptops are for is to create a portable gaming experience for the gamer who likes to travel around at least some of the time and bring their laptops along for the ride.

When you look at gaming laptops in this context, they are perfect because…

However, if you’re going to be using your laptop primarily for browsing the web from a desk or even from a comfy chair at home.

There’s really not much reason to opt for a gaming computer over a traditional (i.e. non-gaming) computer powered by an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor.

If you are going to be using your laptop solely at a desk, not taking advantage of the mobility features, then opt for a gaming laptop with more horsepower.

Gaming desktops tend to perform better than laptops while being capable of more customization, even extended life spans.

Any part you need, especially the ones pertaining to certain cables of your computer that you don’t want to look at again until you have to open it up again, can be neatly tucked away in a secret compartment under your desktop.

Unlike laptops, computers don’t have any wires and cords hanging off of them that get in the way and invariably create a tangled mess as well as cause problems.

Storage is faster, CPUs are faster, GPUs are faster. But when you’re on a laptop, they tend to offer slower performance when it comes to running other applications.

Not to mention it is also cheaper than a gaming laptop. Surely, you would imagine that something better in most ways and certainly in performance would cost much more, right?

No, building your own gaming laptop is going to be cheaper and better in performance. Since custom laptop parts tend to be more expensive, a gaming desktop will ultimately come out cheaper using the same components.

The more it costs the manufacturer to make a certain product, and thus sell it at a lower price, or with a discounted initial cost in order to help you make up your mind; they have to charge even more than that in order to profit.

This is why gaming laptops are higher priced than others.

How Much Should You Spend On A Gaming Laptop?

There is a wide price range for gaming laptops according to how powerful and functional the laptop is.

It can go up as high as $10,000, with many making somewhere between $1,000 to $5,000. This rate is common and good because:

In the gaming laptop industry, new models come out so quickly and cost savvy buyers should be aware that they can be significantly less expensive but have similar performance to what’s on the market now.

If you don’t spend a lot of money, or invest in the right PC, it will be almost impossible to run certain games with settings that work best for you.

Not spending enough money may mean having to buy another computer in just a little while because certain components aren’t able to support the FPS you want.

In the range of $1100 – $1600 I think that most traveling gamers can find a powerful machine that will last them for years and still not burn a massive hole in their wallets.

A satisfactory guitar can be bought new at a moderate price, and will probably be in tune very well. Excluding higher-end items, that’s a good price range.

There are a lot of computer types out there to create a great ideal moneys worth gaming PC, but the greatest one is the Acer Predator Helios 300.

This powerful beast has everything you could ever ask for, Are Gaming Laptops Worth It such as 6 core processor architecture, RTX 2060 GPU and 144hz display.

The display is going to be three milliseconds responsiveness, but fortunately it’s actually an IPS panel in this laptop, which means you get a great color fidelity.

IPS displays are superior if you’re using your laptop for watching movies because they have really good color response and viewing angles.

When you view an IPS display straight-on, you can expect vibrant colors. When viewed from all other angles however, the picture is expected to remain crisp and clear.

If you are viewing a computer screen from slightly below it, an IPS panel will help make the colors look rich.

TN panels, those that are Twisted Noematic, make colors look faded when the user is faced with certain angles. When we compare VA panels and IPS panels, V stands for Vertical whereas A means usually At.

We really do like the idea of SSD storage being implemented into more laptops. It helps innovation to grow in a variety of different areas, such as their portability and commercial uses for businesses who are always on the move.

The expandable storage is nice touch, which allows you to add more space in the future when you inevitably need more space.

512GB won’t be able to hold all of your files, especially if you want to add in other large-sized programs as well.

However, with a good amount of money you can purchase two 1TB external storage drives, and then back those 1Tb drives up onto your newer computer.

Now let’s revisit the performance potential of this gaming laptop. How many FPS will you get, and can you really benefit from the 144Hz refresh rate on the monitor?

As you can see, this machine is capable of reaching high FPS indeed. Although, to reach the benchmark required for 144hz there will have to be some tweaking done.

In the description of this video the creator claims every game was set to high settings and that you should be getting a smooth 144 FPS even on high settings.

However, you might not get 144 FPS because it depends on your machine’s hardware but if you do get 144 FPS then you will be getting a better graphical quality at least for some games.

Last but not the least, you get 16 GB of dual-channel DDR4 RAM. Are Gaming Laptops Worth It It’s the ideal capacity for now, and anything above that won’t make a huge difference in this case.

Being 2933 MHz, it too is a popular speed and higher in frequency for DDR4 RAM. Many PCs can run 2933 MHz without any storage/RAM bottlenecks present but as always.

Take that into consideration when shopping for parts and matching them to your specific computer’s hardware configuration.

This is a great gaming laptop as it’s both affordable and powerful with features that really make the monitor stand out from the competition.

It’s not the fanciest or the most performant gaming laptop, but you get fantastic value and exceptional performance for your investment.

If you were already planning on spending more in the first place, the good news is after buying this gaming laptop, you’ll have plenty of extra cash left over to play around with and use for the other components you need for your new computer.

Are Gaming Laptops Faster Than Regular Laptops?

Gaming laptops are faster than regular laptops because they utilize more energy-efficient and faster components that have been specifically adapted for gaming.

If you’re a gamer, you want a gaming laptop because they come with options that allow for optimum performance and speed.

A regular laptop is one that comes with a processor, a hard drive, RAM, and sometimes even other hardware such as a disc slot or an optical drive for reading/ playing discs. Laptop computers are also capable of wireless internet and mobile communication.

When it comes to running games, a dedicated graphics card with dedicated VRAM is needed in order to achieve a functional FPS.


Gaming laptops are becoming increasingly common among people from all walks of life.

Whether you’re a gamer that needs to travel often or someone who just appreciates the convenience of bringing their favorite computer games with them on the go. Are Gaming Laptops Worth It It’s remarkable how far technology has come in recent years.

If you do not travel often, I recommend a desktop PC that you build yourself because they are more powerful and cheaper.

Gaming laptops have too many tradeoffs to make a good choice over a desktop computer if you do not travel frequently.

If you do travel often, a gaming laptop is the perfect way to enjoy mobile PC gaming.

If you have the money to shell out, some of the most impressive high-end gaming laptops will last for many years.

Just keep an eye on your temperatures to make sure your gaming laptop isn’t overheating.

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