Asus Laptop Keeps Freezing And Not Responding Windows 10

Asus Laptop Keeps Freezing And Not Responding Windows 10. For example, be sure to make sure it is within the manufacturer’s specifications for hard drive space & RAM.

A lot of the time when a PC crashes or freezes it’s because there isn’t enough space on either one of these components, or they aren’t compatible with one another. If this seems to be an issue, consider doing some research and/or reaching out to a professional.

It’s possible you’re infected with malware. It’s possible that your hard drive may contain bad sectors and other technical issues because it might not be able to keep up with the tasks you are trying to run. It’s possible that your driver isn’t working properly and that is causing problems on the operating system level.”

Asus Laptop Keeps Freezing And Not Responding Windows 10

Before you go online to vent about a problem that’s been bugging you, take some time out to try and figure it out first by visiting the nearest brick-and-mortar store and telling them the exact time when they will most likely have the same issue.

You can inconvenience yourself this way but everyone loves a well-versed consumer who knows what they’re talking about.

The fact that your computer always freezes and nothing seems to run smoothly unless you perform a hard reset at the end of days, months, or perhaps years doesn’t mean your situation is unique.

It most likely means there are some issues with your security settings or other startup settings in Windows OS that affect the way things go when you turn on your computer. Let’s bring Windows 10 back from its freeze-up state by speeding up its start-up process so it can be used efficiently in no time flat.

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What To Do If You’re Windows 10 PC Isn’t React Anymore?

In most cases, a blue screen is the result of malfunctioning hardware. Usually, a machine will shut down because there are issues with its software rather than the computer’s hardware component.

When it does shut down, a blue screen is what you see before you know it. The computer will begin to shut down if it gets too hot, and that’s when there are problems with the hardware.

A software problem like too many programs demanding resources, missing files, corrupted files, or system interrupts might cause freezing on a computer. Memory issues are often the cause of this kind of glitch so if you encounter overheating in your laptop, it’s probably time to upgrade your RAM specifications.

Luckily there are some things you can do with your own hands at home to fix many common computer issues without having to visit a repair shop or an expensive computer customer service. Let’s look at some of these quick fixes that should help solve your problem right away.

  • There must be a stable power supply.
  • Applications that remove viruses from browsers as well as other data.
  • Perform a system update.
  • Make sure your laptop doesn’t fall over.
  • Software faults can be avoided by disabling the automatic opening of all applications when your device starts up.
  • Replace the hard drive.
  • Keep liquids away from your laptop when not in use.

If you want to keep your computer from overheating, Ebuyer is a good website for finding and purchasing a refurbished or brand new cooling fan. As well as being a trade-only online store, Ebuyer also has an Ebuyer Business range that caters to small businesses too.

More affordable great value laptops are the ones that are best suited for businesses with tight budgets. But affordable does not always mean better so before buying, you should know what the price range covers and what to expect from the lowest-end models.

Why Asus Laptop Keeps Freezing?

The fact that you can trust in the quality of your Asus product is a good thing. However, if we’ve noted on our website that your Asustek device is having issues, we want to make sure you know about it.

There are various reasons why your device may not be functioning correctly, so we encourage you to make sure that nothing else like a software or hardware malfunction is causing it.

Due To Environment

Proper maintenance of your computer is very important to ensure that it runs effectively. There are many things that can go wrong with a laptop and we want to share some likely culprits. Taking care of your computer will ensure that you avoid delays or issues in the future because a healthy machine is a happy machine.


Computer operating systems need to cool down when experiencing heavy loads. Thus, it is logical that the hotter the temperature in which they are at, the quicker they will shut down due to severe heat exhaustion. If a laptop is laid on bare fabric, such as a blanket or table cloth while being used,

the heat will remain inside and continue to build up. The resulting temperature increase can cause a rapid shutdown during heavy workloads. Therefore, it might be healthier for you to use your laptop suspended on an isolated metallic surface that is designed to measure frequencies just right in order to prevent this from happening again.


Power sources are the most consistent way to keep your computer working constantly even if something may be interfering with the flow. How can you distinguish between a regular power source and a backup?


Laptops are similar to vacuum cleaners in that both of them suck up particles into their systems and can get clogged up with all the extra dust. Blocked ports, USB ports, or any other kind of port on a laptop won’t function as they should anymore, meaning your laptop will feel slower and you might have less space on it than you did before.

Computer System

When a laptop freezes up, it is usually not the motherboard itself that is at fault, but rather an environmental variable that has caused the system to start acting abnormally. In this case, things like when and where your computer was purchased could be playing a major role in the cause of your machine’s poor performance.


Malvertising and malicious adverts can infect your computer’s operating system and steal your personal information. This could cause a plethora of problems, such as apps that you’ve downloaded onto your device to infect it in turn. Computer malfunctions are among the primary issues faced by people who have had their information stolen through malware.

One of the most dangerous things about viruses is that they could just stop your computer or laptop from functioning altogether. As a result, people become anxious and possibly even consider buying a brand new PC rather than going through any further troubleshooting attempts to fix the issue.

The best option to stay safe online is to install antivirus software using a security program like NakenPC, which was developed with protection against danger in mind given how necessary it can be for work and leisure on this digital platform.

Hard Drive

It’s well-known that laptop hard drives experience a higher level of failure risk when they have sustained regular wear and tear. If you drop your laptop or forget to use proper protection, there is a high chance of the hard drive being dislocated or even worse.

broken! This can leave you with both data loss and expensive repairs if in a worst-case scenario. But don’t worry; most laptops actually have a warning light that comes on when the hard drive has been damaged.


Have you had a problem with your Asus laptop? Perhaps updates are up to date or age-old, or even perhaps their many inconsistencies include slowing down and issues with a start-up? To remedy all of the above-mentioned problems, the best course would be to update your PC. This will bring it back up to speed.


Here we conclude all about My Asus Laptop Keeps Freezing And Not Responding Windows 10. If your laptop is suddenly slowing down and re-booting more than usual, it could be due to a bad memory issue. Check the memory you have installed, remove it if you find any damage/glitchy chip then check again for additional information.

Placing a sticker at an area of the screen or pointing directly under its camera can help determine whether you are at risk of a prism attack.

QR codes and Error Code on the blue screen are good starting ways to find out what is causing your issues but they don’t provide you with the whole picture of what might be the root problem here that needs looking at further.

BlueScreenView is free for use and provides support for identifying the causes of a blue screen crash by working with logged blue screens as well as displaying other information like complete module-related details, loaded device drivers, system startup and shutdown processes, last ntoskrnl.exe being executed prior to the crash, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my laptop continually crash and display not responding as an error message?

The most frequent reasons for a computer freezing are because it may not have enough RAM or its processing power may be underpowered.

You will know this if your device is noticeably slow and prone to frequent freezing up. Another potential reason could be that there’s an issue with specific components of your computer – perhaps the motherboard, your hard drive, or even a problem with the CPU inside.

What’s the problem with Windows 10?

Outdated drivers might be to blame for Windows 10 freezing issues. If that does not solve the problem, try updating the drivers. For those who want an easier way to update their drivers, Driver Easy ( is an app that can handle the task in a few minutes.

When my computer freezes and does not reply, what should I do?

The Windows Task Manager can be brought up by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del (Windows key + alt + Del). To unfreeze a computer that has frozen, choose the program that isn’t responding and click End Task. The program will take about ten to twenty seconds to be terminated after selecting End Task.

What is causing Windows 10 to not respond?

If your drivers are out of date, your computer will be missing vital components with which it can communicate with other computers, peripherals and applications.

Applications like Windows 10 or iTunes may not function properly. And that is a headache you don’t need! You can update your drivers manually and automatically by using software such as Zemana Driver Updater.

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