Asus Vivobook Vs. Zenbook: Asus Ultrabooks Review

Asus Vivobook Vs. Zenbook: Asus Ultrabooks Review. From netbooks, to tablets, to laptops with powerful components, One of the best laptops they offer is the Vivobook or the Zenbook. Both are very good laptops, but they’re different in several ways. Here’s a laptop I’ll be comparing these two models on, so you can choose the best laptop for your needs.

The Vivobook and Zenbook have different strengths and weaknesses.The Zenbook line is made up of premium-feeling ultrabooks that are priced to match.One of the great aspects of Asus laptops is that they’re affordable for the price. Their laptops have good quality chassis made of different materials. Here are some of the important things to consider when buying a new laptop: performance, battery life, size, price and how it feels to use.

Asus Vivobook

Although these are considered to be the “cheaper laptops,” they’re really just low-end laptops with A MacBook Pro will still have strong specs and good performance. This is the low-priced, entry-level laptop from Asus. It may have been the case for a short time, but the Kindle Oasis is actually a better value than the Paperwhite,

It’s true that Asus Vivobooks don’t tend to have great build quality, but they do have bright screens and a good selection of USB There are many options when it comes to laptops for watching movies and playing games.

Asus Zenbook

If you’re looking for a powerful, sleek, portable laptop, you’ll want a Zenbook laptop! With its unique design and powerful performance, the Zenbook is the answer to your everyday needs and your needs for more. Asus is offering the best Zenbook as their professional models, especially for those in the professional market.

With its beautiful screen, sleek design and power to run the latest productivity software, the Asus Zenbook is a winner.

If you’re looking for a laptop that’s great for gaming, a few of these laptops are even equipped with discrete graphics cards and high-

Asus Vivobook vs. Zenbook: Specs Comparison

There are some important specs to consider when comparing Asus and Lenovo laptops.


The price is the top because you have to find a balance between your budget and the value of the You don’t want to be paying more for a laptop that isn’t as nice to look at,A Zenbook will have more to offer than a Vivobook laptop, but it comes at an extra.

A good choice for a cheaper laptop on a budget would be the Vivobook. It’s still an excellent laptop that offers plenty of power and performance. This laptop can easily beat out its competition in the same price range, thanks to Asus’ commitment to quality.

A great laptop at a very good price. We love the Vivobook line because it has a high quality build, great performance and great value.


You’ll need a good amount of processing power from your laptop’s internal components to make it through the day, and both of these laptops have different configurations of internal components.

These computers are well-built, and even the low-end ones have decent performance. You can also find high-performance laptops at an affordable price.

If you plan to do lots of video editing, you’ll need a strong, preferably dedicated graphics card.If you’re interested in a Zenbook, then I’d recommend a Zenbook.

Unfortunately, the Vivobook laptops cannot match the raw power that most Zenbook models have.The laptop on this page is the best for doing lighter tasks, such as email and social media, while the laptop on this page is a great choice for schoolwork.

These laptops make an excellent option for students and people on the go. They are fast and come with solid hardware, making them a great buy for gamers and multitaskers alike.

The Zenbook series. This is a perfect choice for anyone looking for an ultra portable notebook that can handle both casual and business use.

Display Quality

You don’t want to work on your computer without a quality screen, and you can get eye strain from working on a bad display.You’ll also get a full HD display and a 1920 x 1080 resolution, which means that your content won’t suffer from grainy image quality.

The best higher-tier models also come with OLED screens, which are vibrant and bright. And these devices use less power, so they’re more energy-efficient than other laptops. You can have a great Zenbook, but generally they’re more colorful than a Vivobook. Vivobook has a better screen, so it’s brighter.

Both models are very similar in terms of screen size, so there’s no significant difference between the two. You’ll appreciate that the Asus Zenbook has a high-resolution screen so you can see more content at a time. A thin bezel is better if you add their brighter displays.

These are the best laptops for 2018, period! They’re the bright-screen, higher-resolution option, but they can produce sharper, more colorful images than a Viv.

Build Quality

Before buying a laptop you’ll want to make sure you know how susceptible to damage it is.You can never be sure about something breaking on you.Asus Vivobook laptops are often made with better quality materials than a standard Asus Zenbook.

The metal body of this laptop is just as impressive as its toughness, especially for laptops.The aluminum chassis makes this laptop light, even when compared to other similarly priced laptop options.

Your Zenbook doesn’t need to trade weight for durability with other laptops. Unlike Kindle e-readers, e-books will never go out of fashion.This material may shorten the lifespan of most Vivobooks, but don’t worry; you can replace it with your own copies easily.

Winner: Dell! Dell laptops offer great design, quality construction and a wide variety of options.

Battery Life

To stay productive while traveling or if you plan to write out loud in meetings, you’ll want a note-taking notebook with excellent battery life.A 7-to-9-hour battery life is an ideal duration, as that’s enough time to run the app throughout the day without charging it

Both laptops offer promising test results, with the Zenbook lasting for about 7 hours and the Vivobook staying on for about 7.5 hours.The new Zenbook does beat out the old Vivobook, but I expected it to because of the strong internals, not because the old one was bad.

WINNER: Vivobook X2. It’s thinner than the Zenbook but lasts longer.

Asus Laptops Quick Reviews

The new Xtrava Plus line from iStyle contains four new models that come with all of the newest

Asus Vivobook 15

This is an outlier in the Vivobook range because it’s got higher specs than its cousins. With an 11th-generation Intel Core i7 processor inside and 16GB of RAM, this Zenbook-lite has more in common with a ThinkPad than a MacBook

What is unique about this Vivobook? It’s not just about speed and power. It also sports a backlit keyboard if you’re working in dimly lit environments, so you don’t need to worry about the screen getting too bright.

With this model, you can move more data and stay prepared for any surprise presentations. The model comes with a Micro SD card reader and an HDMI port.

It’s got a great display and good battery life, and has a USB-C port for easy connectivity. The Vivobook doesn’t have a touchscreen, but it does have a couple of nice features. For a Zenbook-like device that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, this model is ideal.

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo 15

Asus laptops are known for their innovative features, and this laptop is one of their most unique. This is a great laptop that’s perfect for someone who travels a lot, because you can keep it in the carry-on bag and not take up room in

The keyboard deck and touchpad were rearranged to accommodate this new feature.Don’t worry about the weird layout, it’s also includes a palm rest so you can type comfortably.

This laptop is packed with powerful hardware, including an ultra-powerful dedicated GPU. With a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 inside and ROG Strix GL30-K, you can play all of your favorite PC.

Asus Vivobook vs. Zenbook: Conclusion

The Zenbook X is built from stronger materials than the Vivobook, and it has a better screen. However, if you don’t have a very flexible budget, it would be better to buy either an Asus Vivobook or a Zenbook.

You’ll be able to get an Asus Vivobook for a low cost. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a great laptop. You can get a great laptop for as little as $250.

An affordable notebook from the Asus Zenbook line will let you enjoy both power and portability, but if you can find one that’s on sale, you’ll find a much better You’ll find the best laptops here. You’ll know what you need before buying.

Get an Asus Vivobook If:

  • You need a laptop purely for productivity
  • You’re working with a tighter budget
  • You’re very careful with your laptops

Get an Asus Zenbook If:

  • You need a powerful laptop for both business and gaming
  • Budget is not a problem for you
  • You want a tough and accident-proof laptop.

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