Lenovo Vs. Hp Vs. Dell: Which Laptop Brand is a Better Buy in 2023

We are one of the most respected brands for laptops and we have a wide selection of high-quality laptops, desktops, tablets and accessories for every use.

Dell, HP, and Lenovo are the big three tech firms, and they’re worth your time. Each one has had to make changes to adapt to the marketplace, but each one has found a winning formula. But what makes these great laptops so great?

Why Compare Dell, HP, and Lenovo Laptops?

You should compare these 3 brands of laptop because they’re all good value. But (most) people can only get laptops from one brand, so you’d better choose a brand that makes quality laptops.There are many brands of laptops that are great for different purposes, like business and gaming laptops.

The right laptop should be able to do everything you need it to on the go. You want a good gaming laptop. That means it needs to be powerful, but also light. The best place to start is the Dell XPS 13 or Lenovo Thinkpad P52. It’s a two-way battle between HP and Lenovo on the business front.

Dell vs. HP vs. Lenovo: Get To Know Them

There are so many laptops that it can be overwhelming to choose which to

Lenovo: A Brief History

Unlike Hewlett Packard and Dell, the Lenovo business was founded in Beijing. If you’ve ever tried to get into a conversation with a stranger, you know that it’s pretty much impossible. Far from it! With their sleek business laptops and Legion series of gaming laptops, Lenovo laptops are still some of the best laptops around!

Lenovo has moved into the business segment as well, making business desktop computers, which may be a bit more pricey than a typical business laptop but have a longer lifespan. While they’re not perfect for gaming, they’re still fast enough to get through the day. Lenovo laptops will offer you better sound quality than Dell or HP.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga Review


  • Comes with several security features to keep your data safe
  • The backlit keyboard is a blessing in darker areas


  • The SSD Storage is a little on the small side.
  • The included stylus pen is a little flimsy.

If you want the absolute best, there are two choices for you. One has a 11th-gen Intel processor and is a convertible. It’s so nice to finally have a yoga mat that is comfortable and convenient.

HP: A Brief History

HP has roots in Palo Alto, California, almost 100 years ago by Bill Hewlett and David Packard. If it weren’t for these letters, we would call this device “The Popsicle. The HP Spectre x360 is a great keyboard, but if you want a better one, search no further than the HP Spectre x360.

HP laptops aren’t the only laptops good for more graphically-heavy stuff. Both Apple and Dell make solid computers for that type of use. This line of gaming laptops from HP are dependable and solid, made for gaming The Envy range of laptops from HP are a fantastic choice for those on a tight budget.

HP Envy 13 Review

There are so many laptops that it can be overwhelming to choose which to


  • An Intel Evo Certification means you’re getting a quality device!
  • The Envy’s body is very well-built. The Envy is drop-ready! (But please don’t test it.)


  • Some users report weaker hinges in their models

Lenovo: A Brief History

This notebook is excellent for the price, especially if you like ultra-thin laptops. Beware of the Envy’s notorious hinges. They’re prone to cracking over time, so it

Dell: A Brief History

Dell’s been around for a while, they’re headquartered in Austin, and they call Round Rock their home. Dell is also famous for making desktop computers like the Optiplex, but I’m here to talk about their laptops!

One convenient thing to note about your Dell laptop is that it comes with a built in charger Dell laptops usually use standard DC chargers. This means you don’t have to worry about different types of chargers from model to model.

There are no cables or adapters needed to run these chargers! (You just need a normal charger, If you’re talking about more expensive or Dell laptops in the same breath, you have to mention the Alienware line of gaming laptops.

Dell Alienware x17 R1 Review


  • With 32GB of RAM, and 16GB of VRAM, the Dell x17 R1 has enough memory to run the latest games on Ultra-quality settings
  • A 360Hz screen will mean your enemies won’t know what hit them!


  • Extremely expensive; The cost of internals in this rig really adds up!
  • Heavy; This monstrous device has bulk both inside and out.

This laptop can replace your desktop and its internals will match any desktop. This Dell laptop has everything you need, whether you’re a video game or movie buff or both.

Dell vs. Lenovo vs. HP: Features Breakdown

I’ll compare three of the most important features of these three products so that you can better decide which to buy.

Price (Winner: HP)

I want to tell you first what the price is, because I know it’s the first thing on everyone’s mind. In the beginning, my laptop was an HP computer, which was also the cheapest computer I’d ever owned. However, it didn’t feel very comfortable.

You can’t buy a Macbook Pro without a high-spec processor. HP makes laptops for all budgets, but Lenovo is strict with maintaining the quality of their Thinkpad line, so their laptops tend to be more expensive. HP makes the best budget laptops. Their reasonable prices don’t mean their laptops are low quality.

Screen and Display Quality (Winner: Dell)

You don’t want to ruin your eyes by staring at a bright screen all day, so make sure to look for brands

Laptops that have different screen sizes for different models.

When it comes to laptops, there’s no question about which brand should come first: Dell. Yes! I have stared at the sun, but I haven’t tried staring at the sun when my mom was

A Dell laptop at maximum brightness is almost as bright as a MacBook Air,Lenovo smartphones don’t include as many pixels per inch, so the quality of your photos will look a bit lower

Apple’s iPad Pro will be the best choice for people who like to watch videos in high-definition (HD) or Go with Dell if you’re looking for bright, high-resolution displays in all sizes.

Battery Life (Winner: Lenovo)

You’ll never have to worry about being out of touch. With the right smartphone case, you can be connected wherever you go. That’s when your laptop’s batteries will be useful.

You should consider getting a Dell laptop if you don’t want to be constantly worried about your laptop’s battery life. A typical laptop usually has a battery pack of 4 to 6 cells.

It’s not necessary to know the exact number of cells in the battery, but you should know if it’s a 3-cell, 6-cell, or higher-capacity It doesn’t do anything extra and sometimes fails to recognize it when plugged in.

Build Quality (Winner: Dell)

You should always be careful with your laptop, but when an accident does occur you don’t want something that will crack just from a small bump.Dell laptops are built really well. They have tough shells, good hinges, and lots of features.

Lenovo doesn’t make just any Thinkpad — they make high-quality, Thinkpads. When buying a laptop you need to know whether it is built to last, and if it is, whether it is as durable as Dell’s.

CPU, GPU, and RAM (Winner: Draw)

These three brands have mostly Intel processors and either integrated or discrete graphics. This laptop is packed full of the best components, making it ready to play games, edit photos, stream videos and more. It comes with 8GB or 16GB of memory.

They’re both pretty much the same when it comes to the newest and best parts, but at different times, if you’re willing to pay more you can get a better price.

Lenovo vs. HP vs. Dell: What’s the Big Difference, Anyway?

The differences between Dell, HP, and Lenovo are their focus. There are lots of laptop brands out there, but Thinkpads stand above the rest. If you’re shopping for a new laptop, it can be tough to sort through the various options and pick the right one.

High-end laptops are great, but if you want the ultimate gaming experience, consider a Dell laptop. Dell laptops are known for their great build quality and their low prices.

Final Comparison Time: Dell vs. HP vs. Lenovo, Which One’s Better?

My favorite laptops are the Dell XPS laptops! They’re the perfect blend of design, function

The build quality of the Asus laptops is miles ahead of the HP and Lenovo laptops, but they’re priced the same as the HP and Lenovo laptops. But you don’t have to stick with Dell laptops if you don’t want to.

Go for a Dell Laptop If:

  • You want a high-performing device that can handle anything!
  • Budget isn’t an issue for you.
  • Sturdy, tank-like laptops sound attractive to you.

Go for an HP Laptop If:

  • You’re on a tighter budget
  • You need a dependable daily driver for lighter tasks
  • You want the best typing experience

Go for a Lenovo Laptop If:

  • Being plugged in is your worst enemy
  • You need a top-of-the-line business laptop
  • You’re a diehard convertible laptop user

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