Should IT Professionals have a Touch Screen Laptop?

Writing a code never demands any specific requirements. Its required specifications are similar to those for gaming, designing, and other big computing processes like high performing processors, large RAM & ROM, high-resolution screens, good battery life, and efficient fans. 

IT professional laptops are specially designed in keeping the requirements of programming. Touch screen laptops are not usually considered best for programming but still, they have some positive points to discuss in detail. 

Keep in mind, for programming tasks, only those touchscreen laptops are best that can convert from 0-360 degrees or have a detachable display at least. Otherwise, typing on a 90-180 degrees laptop screen with an onscreen keyboard is never suitable. 

The Benefits of Having Touch Screen Laptop for IT Professionals

IT professionals mostly work to build and repair software, and this process demands not 2 hours of work. Software development includes typing and maintaining large files of codes. It means the developer has to play a lot with the keyboard. 

Many people think that touch screen laptop has nothing good for IT professionals, but it is not true. If you keenly search about it, you will find some amazing things about this topic. Let’s discuss them.


We can’t say that the IT professional has to type codes using the screen keyboard, as it is not convenient or possible for long term work. On the other hand, the touch screen laptops have a highly responsive backlit keyboard. So, the developers never encounter any lag while working and even perform their tasks in dim light.

Alternative of Mouse:

The mouse or touchpad both have the same function. Sometimes, due to any error, a few seconds of lag occurs while you are typing or moving your cursor in need one after another. Moreover, if you have used smartphones and tablets a lot, you find it difficult to take yourself back to a mouse or touchpad. In addition, it also helps you to do your tasks more easily. Instead of taking the cursor to your desired point, it is easier to just tap at the right place and start working immediately. 

Big Screens:

As touchscreen laptops have big screens with high resolution, it shows most of the data right in front of your eyes. Thus it reduces the need to scroll again and again to view the previous line of code.

Window 10:

If you decide to install windows 10 on your new laptop, try to buy touchscreen laptops because it will enhance the experience and performance 100 percent.

Why IT Professionals Should not Choose a Touchscreen Laptop?

There are many factors that make a touch screen laptop not suitable for IT professionals. The touchscreen laptops are good enough for all types of work-related to screens like designing, but it shows some flaws when it comes to typing coding.


The addition of touch screens in laptops puts a lot of pressure on the device. Thus sometimes it makes the performance slower, but having good RAM like 16 GB, mostly IT professionals and other users will never complain about it. 

Battery Life:

In addition, laptops with high-quality touchscreens tend to run down their batteries more quickly. So, writing a code with a touchscreen laptop will demand a continuous power supply. That ultimately affects the battery life and damages the battery overall or even the hardware. 


As touch screens are an addition to laptops, they will also increase the devices’ prices. Moreover, making these touch screens responsive and of high resolution for better performance, all the efforts by the manufacturers will add a significant amount to it.


In addition, the touch screen also increases the weight of the devices. Most laptops with touchscreens are bulky and heavy. 

The Final Thought

IT professional laptops with touchscreens deliver incredible performance. Although they are best for designers, they are equally good for developers also. The touchscreen is merely an added feature. If you don’t utilize it, it’s okay; there is no harm in it. If you find any unexpected problem, you can easily just disable the functionality by uninstalling the driver. It will not have any effect on the other features. 

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