How Can You Upgrade Your Laptop’s Graphics Card and Should You?

How Can You Upgrade Your Laptop’s Graphics Card and Should You. If you want a new laptop, you’re probably wondering how to get the best deal and I’ve got nothing but the best advice for you about upgrading your laptop’s graphics card.

The Quick Answer: Just Buy A New Laptop

Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matching answers to your question. You can try asking your own question in the “share your thoughts and opinions” section of the page.A new study finds that many U.S. If you’re looking for a new laptop to play games, you’ll have to invest in a high-end laptop.

There is no doubt that graphic cards are very expensive. It would make more sense to buy a new laptop if you have that money. Your purchase is a new device and not just for one graphics card.

Your current laptop graphics card may not be powerful enough for a demanding new game. If that’s the case, you still can upgrade your laptop’s graphics card. Whether you want to use a graphics card or an external GPU, your laptop must support USB-C and USB You can use an external GPU or graphics card without worrying about compatibility issues. Just plug it in and go.

Integrated graphics cards require the entire motherboard to be removed. Is the hassle worth it? Is this something that will really make a difference in your life or work? It’s completely up to you whether you want to replace or buy a new one.

How to Upgrade a Laptop Graphics Card

I think it’s best to stick with the cards that came with your computer. You’re probably right. I know a lot of people who’d rather just get something that works and go with it. Here are your options for your graphics cards.

Option 1: External GPUs or External Graphics Card

You can make your laptop into a powerhouse, but for that to happen, you need to install an external graphics processor (GPU), and connect This way, you don’t have to open up your laptop or computer to remove or repair damaged parts. External graphics cards, or PCIe-based graphics cards, are a great way to expand your graphics capabilities.

The Radeon R9 390 is the first card on the market to include AMD’s new “FinFET” architecture that offers much higher performance per watt, helping to meet the growing demand for high- You can use a wireless router in the same way that you can connect to the Internet via a wired Ethernet cable.

With the usual connection of Thunderbolt 3 and external GPUs, the use of external graphics cards are only recommended for laptops without dedicated graphics cards. Most laptops have a dedicated GPU. Usually, these are by NVIDIA and AMD.

A dedicated or discrete graphics card are two different things. A dedicated is the name given to the graphics card. Discrete is just a word meaning distinct. Some laptops are better suited to NVIDIA and some are better suited to AMD.

PROs of an External GPU

Here are some of the external GPU benefits:

  • No need to open up your laptop or disintegrate the motherboard
  • Easy to install
  • A quick fix to achieve desktop version quality graphics

CONs of an External GPU

  • Here are some disadvantages to look out for:


  • Quality degrades overtime (not worth the expense)

Option 2: Integrated GPU Card or Integrated Graphics Card

This next option is not recommended, but it is possible. Do you think you can do the upgrade yourself? If so, great! If not, you may need the help of a tech to get it done.

There are multiple types of earwax, and even though you may not feel it, your ears have a variety of That’s because you’d have to remove your laptop (as in unscrewing the screws and removing It’s easy to damage your motherboard when you’re not careful.

How to Upgrade Integrated GPU

To upgrade the graphics card in your computer requires replacing your current card with one that has dedicated components. Swap your built-in graphics card for a new one and you’ll get better performance. If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who wants to look beautiful but doesn’t know how to.

Here are the general steps for your quick reference:

  1. Purchase a compatible discrete graphics card and an upgrade kit.
  2. Uninstall your laptop GPU via BIOS (it’s an installed firmware on your computer) then shut down the power supply.
  3. Physically open up your laptop (yes, the hardware)
  4. Use a grounding strap to avoid static and being electrocuted.
  5. Remove heat pipes and heat sinks carefully (install new heat pipes if deemed necessary).
  6. Along with the heat pipes, also remove the two (2) hex-shaped nuts you see.
  7. Apply the thermal paste for heat dissipation.
  8. Remove the old GPU and install the new GPU.
  9. Re-apply thermal paste.
  10. Close the laptop and screws.
  11. Reboot the computer.

Don’t open the charger for an hour or two, but instead take it out of the charging box, wait for it to completely charge (if it does You don’t need to handle a heat pipe properly, but you do need to know how to avoid being injured by one. You can also watch these tutorials to learn how to switch from integrated GPU’s to dedicated cards.

In addition to that, the GPU is also replacing the CPU for rendering, so a whole lot of programs are having the option Here are a couple of the best-selling graphics cards that are used in a variety of gaming laptops and gaming PCs.

PROs of Upgrading Integrated GPU

Here are the PROs of changing your laptop GPU entirely:

  • It won’t degrade through time – it’s like you went to upgrade a laptop
  • Probability of a better performance since it’s installed

CONs of Integrated GPUs

  • These are the disadvantages:

Dangerous to do (especially if you’re not a professional)


  • Not worth the time, money, and hassle
  • You may end up damaging your laptops for good

Upgrading Laptop GPU: Clarifying Questions [FAQs] [Q&A]

No matter if you are a veteran reader or new to the world of marketing, it’s Okay. Let’s start off with some basic facts about each style.

Integrated vs. Dedicated GPU

They are similarly a type of graphics card, but they have certain differences:


Here are the distinctions to remember:

  • It uses the system CPU or RAM. It doesn’t have its own.
  • Cheaper than dedicated ones.
  • You’ll need more RAM on the system level.
  • Good for 2D and light gaming, light work


These are the differences to note:

  • Have a separate CPU (a.k.a. the GPU) and RAM.
  • Uses more power.
  • For high-end gaming performance, heavy editing and graphics work.
  • Most GPUs are by NVIDIA, AMD (best graphics cards brands)
  • A lot more expensive.

This is why people want to upgrade their graphics cards. Some people require a better graphic card for optimal gaming, so you should buy a graphics card upgrade.

What’s a Heat Pipe?

Heat pipes are heating / cooling devices that remove the heat from electronic devices so they won’t, well, overheat. Make sure the bottles and containers you’re using to store your skin care products aren’t full of toxic substances. Having electrocution is risky. You might get shocked or injured.

What are NVIDIA and AMD?

NVIDIA is the brand behind the graphics cards found in most gaming computers. They are a good brand to choose if you want to play games. There are several popular game genres in the market today, including action, racing, platformer, and so on. AMD is a well-known company for video games.

Why Do Experts/Professionals Discourage the Upgrade to a new GPU?

You won’t regret buying it because it’s not worth breaking your laptop open to install it. If you want to improve your laptop performance, you don’t have to look any further than external graphics or an upgraded CPU.

Do Mobile Phones Also Have GPUs?

Yes, the graphics in smartphones are quite impressive too, so it’s definitely worth investing in a capable phone. nd even if you’re not, no you can’t. It might be worth changing phones. As far as Android goes, the best GPU for Apple is A13 Binoic, while for Android Adreno 64o.

So, Should I Upgrade My Laptop Graphics Card? [TL;DR]

It’s not something I recommend unless you’re trying to squeeze every last drop of juice from your MacBook. We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t change your graphics card.

This is not a good method for opening up your laptops. It is never smart or resourceful to do anything without doing some homework first.

You can upgrade your laptops safely by:

  • Using an external graphics card processor compatible with your laptops
  • Buying a new (or newer) laptop
  • Changing from integrated to dedicated processors through a software upgrade (see Youtube tutorials above)

Is It Better to Buy a New Device Instead?

Professionals will tell you yes, it’s smarter to just spend the money on a laptop that’s entirely new instead. If you need better performance, then don’t buy anything more powerful than a desktop PC.

Some laptops are made for gaming and others are made for surfing the Web. Which type are you looking for? If your GPU is an external device, you probably want to return it for a replacement or refund.

You could find many others on the internet who say they are able to change the card piece themselves, so I don’t recommend you try to do that for yourself. I also discourage this. If you really have to, bring your laptop to an actual technician or expert who knows what they’re doing.


If your laptop is running a bit slow, upgrading it to the same performance as a desktop is an exciting upgrade. I agree There are many different products for every skin type, you just need to shop around and find the ones that work best for your specific skin type

You can’t always improve performance through upgrading your computer’s hardware, but there are other ways to improve the performance of your Cheers to you, too! Happy gaming

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