Top 15 Ways to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

There are often times when you are just searching for any nearby power outlets for charging your laptop or your laptop might just take you to the standby mode. You might even curse this black cloud that comes with every laptop that exists today. To prevent such things from happening and for increasing your laptop’s battery life follow these steps.

1. Defrag regularly. It obviously makes sense; the faster your hard drive is in accessing files and folders on your computer the more time it would provide you for carrying out your tasks. iMacs however do not fit in this category as they already has fragmentation in its preferences.

2. Dim your screen. Almost all laptops come with the capability to make your screens appear less bright. Cooling performance with the CPU can also be reduced to make more out of your battery.

3. Close un-necessary programs. All such files that are either open or running in your background also tend to take up your power.

4. Switch off external devices. Other devices such as USB mouse, Wi-fi and charging of mp3 players are definitely another way of eating up your battery life.

5. Increasing RAM. Adding more RAM can make your laptop to be more powerful, however it may also consume much power, but would be more power efficient in comparison to the load that a normal hard disk might take on memory intensive programs.

6. Using more of Hard drives rather than Optical ones. It is not really a good idea to use more data from your DVDs or CDs as the ROMs take up quite a juice from the battery. Even when you are not using the CD, having it just in the drive may make it spin and add to the battery consumption.

7. Keep battery clean. Every few moths try to clean your battery terminals for better transfer of power within.

8. Take care of your battery use. Try to use your battery atleast once or twice every few weeks or so, otherwise the battery becomes dormant. Additionally discharging every last minute from your battery is really not a good idea. Be prepared to charge it when you start losing on power.

9. Hibernate not standby. Setting your pc in hibernation mode tends to make you laptop in its current state even after switching it back on. Whereas standby mode also keeps your pc set for running anytime you want, but it does not shut itself hence not saving as much power.

10. Keep temperatures low. Laptops work better when cool, so try to keep all fan vents clear.

11. Optimize power options. Change power options and change them to maximum use so that you get maximum usage time.

12. Try to run programs one at a time. If you do multi tasking by using several applications simultaneously, you might just squeeze up your battery, hence completing none of the tasks at all.

13. Demand less from your laptop. Working on documents, spreadsheets and emails is not harmful, however heavy gaming and watching movies may not be a good idea.

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