What are the Ideal Thingyfy Lenses for Meticulous Zooming Details?

Pinhole Pro X 1.2

Who doesn’t want the deep and vibrant detail in the photo and videos! But for professionals, it is more like a demand. For pro video and photographers, the zooming of the DSLR matters the most. From pinhole evade-making to still photos, the ultra-clear zooming capacity of the latest pinhole cameras is certainly a definitive thing with a beyond accuracy approach.

No doubt, with the advancement of technology you need the latest gear that justifies the results. If you are looking to replace your older camera lenses with the robust Zoomable Pinhole Camera Lens, this page is letting you know the best bet for that.

For camera and lenses there are many brands, however, Thingyfy is still among the reliable and quality-holder due to the high-end technology use. So let’s get straight to the business and find out how this Thingyfy camera lens with ultra-clear zooming capability is serving the right way.

Pinhole Pro X Zoomable Pinhole Camera Lens

First of all, its solid and most definitive performance to capture images and still photos is amazing. The perfect resu.t and maintain colour reception makes this Zoomable Pinhole Camera Lens a quality-holder item.

What makes this professional pinhole 2x zoom reliable for professionals is its technology and performance. The 18-36 mm zooming pinhole lens not only captures the details but also highlights the factor that you wouldn’t see otherwise. Additionally, its quality and the heavy components of this lens complement the durability aspect for your DSLR.

Generally, when you have the latest camera, getting the vintage aura in photos seems like a complex task. That’s exactly what Thingy camera lenses deny. You can easily achieve the vintage aesthetics in the photo and video making formats and that makes it one of its kind Pinhole Pro X lens for professionals.

Its satisfactory result for the regular shots with ultra-lucid zoom has never underperformed. Here are the noticeable features that you may want to consider!

More Precise Brightness

To capture the image with minute size perfection the milliner counts. Therefore, this Thingyfy lens never compromises on the micrometre performance and offers you precision build in every respect.

This pinhole Pro X camera lens comes with the aperture which is less than the 0.25mm hence capturing the darker nooks of the object is not a big deal. Its precise CNC machine is extraordinary and quality always is perfect to the final look.

Aluminum Body

Without professional-grade durability you cannot lean on the efficiency of the gear. With its fully aluminum body and the 2X Zoom Camera Lens, you have the freedom to choose different lighting and weather conditions. That marks its efficiency even more. Additionally, the lens features the careful Lenses Mount Protection cover that makes it allows

What do you get in the package?

The package includes everything necessary that marks the total value of your purchase. Here is what you get;

  • Pinhole Pro X
  • Lens Mount Protection cover
  • Shatter-resistant packaging
  • Side pinch snap on-front lens Cap

Technical Aspects of Pinhole Pro X Lens for Ultra-Zooming Capacity

If you are talking about the professional results for your photo and videography session, this lens would be the best-fit. Thingyfy always takes pleasure in delivering high results. For this lens you get the DSLR/SLR fit with EF, F, A, and PK lens mount and M4/3, X, E mirror less feature.

It offers you 55 mm of total diameter and single aperture for most of your tasks. This Pinhole Pro X Lens also offers you 50-74 degrees FOV and 80-118 degrees of mirror less performance that certainly boost up the accuracy. The net weight of DSLR/SLR is 150g and for mirror less it’s 111g.

What Pinhole Pro X is Offering You Exceptional?

pro x

For pinhole and mirrorless cameras, Thingyfy is always the wise selection. Pinhole Pro X Sets for starrer is pretty much affordable for its price. This is the advanced pinhole photography lens set that is out and out the professional’s choice. One of the standout features in this lens set is its higher degree performance for ultraviolet light cut back.

Talking about its technical details, this set is offering 40-60nn of coca length for DSLR.SLR and 18-36 mm for mirror less cameras. The UV filter blocks off the blue cast that you take in the brightest sunny surrounding. Hence the result becomes worth-seeing. Also the set includes the UV Filter, and EVA case for enhanced performance and protection.

Its zooming efficiency and the protection against dust, dirt, unwanted scratches and dirty smear is commendable. Overall, if you only want the unbearable professional efficiency, this pinhole set offers you everything that you are already looking for. The Pinhole Pro X package includes the following items:

  • Pinhole Pro X lens
  • Compatible UV filter
  • EVA protection zip pouch
  • Shatter-resistant packaging
  • Sides pinch Snap-on front lens cap
  • Lens mount protection cover cap


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