Cape Verde Startup Ecosystem: Everything You Need To Know

The Cape Verde Startup Ecosystem is a territorial innovator leader, is ranked 80th internationally, and has improved 7 ranks since 2021. Additionally, Cape Verde is ranked second in Western Africa for startups. Grow your search engine optimization company with OK Technologies.

Two of Cape Verde’s cities are among the top 1,000 worldwide, with Praia, the top-ranked city in Cape Verde, coming in at number 606 overall. Mindelo comes after Praia at 1160, while undefined comes after undefined. It is pleased to have assisted Cape Verde in developing and executing the youth entrepreneurial ecosystem in the nation by working with PROEMPRESA to develop the Startups program.

The creation of a business ecosystem

Analyzing the initial round of applications, identifying areas for improvement, designing the entire application process, suggesting supplemental tools, and training pertinent stakeholders who take part in the entrepreneurial ecosystem were all part of the job description. In a total of 56 people, this was the situation with PROEMPRESA technicians, banks, local consultants, and incubators. A team of experts assembled with relevant knowledge of Silicon Valley’s innovation culture and mentored new business owners to achieve better outcomes for that reason.

A typical profile of a successful business person, inspiration process, analysis and conceptual creativity, formulation of a business strategy, economic hazard assessment, and mentoring and coaching skills were among the six components of the training course. The first component was devoted to the legalities of the program, including rules, processes, and candidates’ qualifications.

The difficulty

The truth is that investing heavily in entrepreneurial and innovation initiatives is becoming increasingly crucial to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary abilities and skills. PROEMPRESA, a government agency tasked with fostering innovation, employability, and entrepreneurship through the design and execution of initiatives that support the growth and competitiveness of MSMEs (micro, small, and medium-sized firms), issued this challenge. Within this idea, the Start-up Jovem (SUJ) plan was highlighted. This program was started by the government of Cape Verde to encourage entrepreneurship by encouraging Start-up, which is a promising project linked to the creation of a fresh business concept. You can get help with your startup in Cabo Verde.

Marketing & Sales startups in Cape Verde

Entrepreneurs in the fields of sales and marketing, technology and data, and advertising and sales could consider locating in Cape Verde. The Startup Map shows a sample of 23 Marketing & Sales companies in Cape Verde, 7 software startups and Data startups in Cape Verde, and 5 Marketing & Sales startups in Cape Verde, representing the three most popular sectors in the nation.

A representative sample of 50 businesses, 1 accelerator, 3 coworking spaces, 12 organizations, and 1 leader from Cape Verde can be found on the Global Startup Ecosystem Map.


According to information, Cabo Verde received 0.58 points in the startup ecosystem ranking in 2022. According to this measure, Cabo Verde came in at number 80 out of 100 nations. The top three African nations for startups in the same year were South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria.

The people, businesses, and associated organizations that make up Cape Verde’s startup ecosystem cooperate to develop and grow new businesses.

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