5 Benefits of Building a Mobile App for Your eCommerce Business

If you’re keeping up with the trends and developments in the digital world, then you must be aware that having a business website isn’t enough. These days, mobile apps are playing an essential part in building relationships with consumers. In fact, more than 75% of users prefer accessing an online store through a mobile app rather than a mobile site. With a mobile app, eCommerce businesses can target consumers anytime and anywhere.

But you are surely wondering how to build an app that will actually help your business. Isn’t that costly? Well, these days, building an app is easier than you think. By using a DIY app maker, even small businesses operating on tighter budgets can build perfectly usable applications quickly and easily.

If you are still contemplating whether you should create a mobile app, the following 5 benefits will demonstrate how an app can help your eCommerce store.

Finally, unlike web pages, mobile apps don’t take long to load. There’s no waiting time, which is a huge advantage.

  1. Improved Convenience

People simply love the fact that they can make purchases from anywhere- while commuting to work or at the convenience of their own homes. According to Statista, about 35% of US consumers use their mobile devices to shop online. In 2020, the mobile retail revenues in the States reached over $339 billion.

Having an app makes it even easier for people to find what they’re looking for. This, along with the speed and quality experience translates into enhanced customer satisfaction and, as a result, increased profits. 

  1. Personalized Shopping Experience

Today’s consumers want a personalized experience throughout their entire journey with brands. In fact, more than 70% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messages. And using just your eCommerce site won’t make this happen.

Personalization is taken to a whole new level with mobile apps. An eCommerce mobile app enables you to collect valuable insights about your customers. As a result, you will be able to create a personalized experience based on customers’ purchase history, preferences, and browsing patterns. 

  1. Better Marketing Communications

Mobile apps have features like push notifications that assist in conversions. Studies have found that about 60% of consumers click on push notifications compared to only 20% of them who open emails. Push notifications make it much easier to direct customers to your app, all they need to do is just click on it. With push notifications, your e-store can offer information about special deals, sales, and discounts and encourage customers to make immediate orders.

In addition, a mobile app makes it possible to provide a more interactive experience using the best UI and UX features. You can use high-definition images and various animations to create effective brand communication or apply exclusive functionalities for smoother navigation and ease of use.

Finally, unlike web pages, mobile apps don’t take long to load. There’s no waiting time, which is a huge advantage. 

Benefits of Building a Mobile App for Your eCommerce Business

  1. Higher Retention Rates

Once a consumer downloads an app on their smartphone, chances are they will use it to purchase something. Studies have found that nearly 40% of users tend to return to an eCommerce app eleven or more times after downloading it.

If the consumer isn’t returning to your app as much as you’d like, there are several ways to lure them back. For instance, you can implement offers they might like exclusively via your mobile app. You can also conduct a loyalty program. It can be designed so that customers can collect points that they can later use to win a free item or you can offer them bonuses on future purchases. 

  1. Reduced Cart Abandonment Rates

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the major issues eCommerce stores face. But while the abandonment rate is nearly 70% on desktop sites and more than 95% on mobile sites, the abandonment rate in mobile apps is only 20%. 

This is because a mobile app makes the entire check-out process much faster and easier. When a customer has purchased something via the mobile app, their information gets saved. So during the next purchase, they won’t have to type in details like billing and shipping address manually. In addition, with payment methods like Google Pay and Apple Pay, transactions can be completed with just one tap.

Final Thoughts

Accomplishing success in the world of eCommerce isn’t easy but still, you should use every opportunity that might help you fulfill your goals. After considering all the benefits your online store can get from developing a mobile app, you can now decide for yourself whether it is the right business move for you. 

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