Top 5 Golf Games for Android in 2023 – Best of 2023

There are a ton of Android games that involve Golf, and probably the reason you don’t live anywhere near a course is because you don’t ever get to play, which sucks.

Best golf games android, thankfully there are some awesome golf games for Android that give an experience similar to the real thing.

These games are great for people like you who can never visit their local golf course for one good reason or another, but many of them come with addictive gameplay that will only scratch your golf game itch for as long as you want it too.

Best golf games android

To get the best golf ball tracking experience on your phone, we’ve curated a list of only the top 5 golf swiping games to play on Android.

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The list is in no particular order so we’d suggest checking out all the games on the list before picking one to download.

If you’re running Chrome OS, then check out 5 best free games for Chrome OS. Nonetheless, these are the top 5 golf swipe games you can play on your Android phone.

Golf Battle Golf-Battle 1

This golf game from Miniclip allows you to compete against others in play-off matches or six-player multiplayer games. Best golf games android You can also challenge other real players when playing on a global network.

In Classic Mode, you can enjoy a simple golfing experience while the Rush Mode offers fast-paced gameplay incase you want to play something livelier.

Graphics are decent and controls easy to master as they’re similar to any other videogame. Best golf games android New levels and numerous unlockable will keep you hooked on the game for hours again and again.

PGA TOUR Golf Shootout PGA-Tour 2

PGA Tour Golf Shootout allows users to compete on real-life golf courses amongst a bunch of other cool things. Completing daily challenges upon signing in rewards you with perks.

If you’re looking for some serious competition, Best golf games android you can test your skills against other players in the versus mode.

In addition, as you play the game more the option to unlock cool new clubs with unique stats and abilities become available. Best golf games android PGA Tour Golf Shootout also features a single-player mode featuring challenging TPC golf courses.

WGT Golf WGT-Golf 3 pic

If you’re looking to download a golfing game that is true to life and gives you the opportunity to enjoy playing the sport in a variety of different environments, Best golf games android WGT Golf is the game for you.

This golfing title features more than 15 courses – including ones like Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, and Highlands Links as well as other virtual locations – and offers you the chance to play golf in a variety of ways.

You can compete against others on your own, or try various multiplayer modes designed for use with friends.

Furthermore, levels help keep things fresh because they give players access to new equipment upgrades, Best golf games android almost like playing your way up a real-world professional tour ladder.

Open tournament where you stand a chance to win a free ticket to the real U.S Open.

Golf Clash Golf-Clash 4

Golf Clash, Best golf games android the arcade-style golf game, comes with many features and gives you the opportunity to play in real time multiplayer matches as opposed to waiting your turn.

You can challenge your friends to a one on one match, or team up with Facebook friends for something more friendly like an online tournament.

Whatever way you choose to compete, Best games android you will be provided with different types of courses and weather conditions so that you can test and refine your skills.

Mini Golf 3D City Stars Mini-Golf 5 pic

Mini Golf 3D City Stars is a top-ranked Android golf game. Best golf games android This sports entertainment app gives you the chance to challenge other players in multiplayer mode and win daily rewards.

In addition, after you’ve reached level 4, gain access to all the amazing tasks this game has to offer with various achievements and earn coins that allow you to buy new golfers easily.

What’s incredible are the 245 unique courses as well as the multiple levels inside each of them plus even more levels to be added some time later.

And when compared with other games, Best games android the graphics of Mini 3D City Stars are clear making it easy for anyone with any visual ability make their way through the game.

It’s also very easy to control your golfer by pressing on either side of your touchscreen depending on where they want to head towards.

These are our top 5 picks for the best Android games to play this weekend. What’s your favorite golf game?

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