Custom Mobile Development vs App Builders

Digital presence is an integral part of any company’s operation. Creating an application can improve productivity, boost marketing efforts, increase revenue, streamline the work process, and much more.

Today, app builders are gaining popularity for businesses of all sizes. Should you take advantage of such a builder or invest in custom mobile app development? What are the differences, similarities, and nuances? Let’s take a closer look.

What is an App Builder?

An app builder is a platform that allows you to create a mobile app. It has a certain set of tools, which can help a company create a custom app from scratch and tailor it to your needs. Many small businesses are taking advantage of app builders because of their simplicity and low cost.

However, software designed by using an app builder may lack functionality, diversity, and uniqueness.

Using an app builder can simplify and speed up the process of creating an app. It doesn’t require experience, knowledge, and development skills. Some of the most popular app builders today are:

Depending on your needs and skill levels, you can choose one of the app-building options.

Pros of Using a Mobile App Builder

The key advantages of using an app builder are as follows:

1. Little to No Programming Skills

Most app builders don’t require the user to have coding skills. The intuitive design engines allow anyone to build a nice-looking app with sufficient functionality. Each modification is demonstrated in real-time.

2. Lower Expenses

Since by using an app builder, it’s possible to create an app without professional assistance, the cost is lower. The price of such a mobile app can be up to 80% less than the price of custom mobile application development.

3. Speed

According to experts from Active Logic, Kansas City software development company, professional custom app development can take weeks or even months. With an app builder, it’s possible to create an app in several hours. The entire development process may take several days to finish. Then you’d have to wait a couple of weeks to put it in the mobile app store.

4. Ready-to-use Architecture

App builders already have a ready-to-use structure with examples so all you have to do is fill some information in and choose a template. If you are starting from scratch, you can take advantage of basic templates. Experienced users can use these templates to customize them for a specific niche.

5. Support

Platforms that provide you the app builder also offer support. You don’t have to worry about supporting the app on your own. All you have to do is to pay a platform a monthly fee.

Cons of Using a Mobile App Builder

While an app builder allows you to create mobile apps quickly and inexpensively, the process comes with a few downsides.

1. Lack of Customization

When creating an app with a builder, you have a limited choice of design. Customization is almost impossible with these programs. Meaning, your competitors, who use the same builder, may end up offering a similar-looking product.

You can’t change the structure or the code. It’s impossible to add features or serious modifications.  

2. One Platform

Your app-building efforts are bound to one platform for the duration of its life. If you want to move the program to another website or platform, it’s against the rules.

3. Ownership

Since you are building an app and running it on a specific platform, you have only partial rights to it. If the platform decides to block or delete your account, the app will be gone. You have to be ready to pay a monthly fee to maintain your app.

4. Integration

When you use an app builder, you can’t integrate third-party services or develop a unique function. You are limited to the features offered by the platform.

What a Custom Mobile App?

A custom mobile application is a program designed specifically for your company with its needs in mind. An expert software developer creates an app with high functionality, numerous features, and unique designs to help promote your company and streamline your operations.

Pros of Custom Mobile App Development

The key advantages of using an app builder are as follows:

1. Functionality

With a custom app, you can choose the functions you want it to have. Depending on your niche and industry, this functionality can vary. Developing a custom app is similar to sewing clothes tailored specifically for your body.

2. Productivity

The app you design specifically for your company is aimed at achieving specific results. Compared to the off-the-shelf software or app builder products, the efficiency of such an app can be tremendous.

3. Scalability

Custom-developed apps grow with your company. They can be upgraded whenever you need to adjust the needs of your business or adapt to a new direction it’s taking.

4. Security

The success of a mobile app depends on its security. General apps and builder products may not be protected against cyberattacks as well as customized software is.

Depending on the data you work with, the developer can adjust the app to counter the outside threats. This can be highly important to your company’s productivity and user experience.

5. Speed

Custom-developed apps usually load faster regardless of their complexity. This is not always the case with the software created by app builders.

Cons of Custom Mobile App Development

Custom mobile apps can improve the functionality and operation of any company. The only two downsides that keep some businesses from buying them are:

1. Cost

Custom app development can be much more expensive than off-the-shelf software and app builder products. The cost difference is substantial.

However, it’s important to remember that while initial costs are lower, you need to pay for using the app builder platform monthly.

2. Development Time

It can take weeks or months to develop a custom app. Meanwhile, with an app builder, you can do it within hours.

Which App Building Method Is Right For Me?

If you’d like to create a simple product and don’t plan to adjust it in the future, an app builder could be a smart choice. Especially, if your budget is limited. You can use an app builder to test a niche in order to build a custom app afterward.

If you need an app with unique and wide functionality, custom mobile app development is the best choice. You can adjust this software to your requirements when necessary and enjoy full control and ownership. 

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