How to Monitor Android Smartphones with Spy App?

How to Monitor Android Smartphones with Spy App

Time has changed, and technology has taken the place of most general things, and smartphones are top of that list. According to recent research, 7 out of 10 individuals have an android phone, including adults and children. In addition, people talk to friends and family through the phone and use the Internet to browse information daily. 

It has changed life for good but at the same time increased cybercrimes. Unfortunately, teenagers are the victim of most of these crimes that lead them to mental health issues. That’s why parents are getting solutions, and the best way to avoid such situations is to get a spy app and monitor kids’ digital activities. 

Can I spy on my android phone through the spy app?

Of course, you can spy on your android phone through spy apps. Thanks to modern technology, we can remotely spy on android devices. The market is full of spying apps that you can purchase online and get started with your task. 

How to monitor a smartphone?

Modern technology can be tricky for people, and it is okay if you’re not aware of how to monitor a smartphone because we’re here to help you. No matter what android spyware you choose, the usage is almost similar. There is a proper procedure that is required to follow for the user. We’ll discuss it in steps so you can understand it well.  

Get subscription:

The first step is to get a subscription, and for that, you need to open the spy app’s website. Then, go on the pricing page and choose a price plan for your monitoring needs. After that, you’ll be asked to make an account and then purchase the spyware. Don’t worry; your credit card information will be secure if you choose the right spy app for android. 

Install the spyware:

The respective spy app provider will send you an email that has the installing software link. First, get access to the mobile phone to install it and then open the link in the mobile browser. The app will start the installation, and within few minutes, you’ll have spyware working on the phone. One important thing to consider is that you must give all the permissions to access stored data and installed applications. 

Set-up dashboard: 

The second part that needs your attention is the dashboard, and it is the web-based interface of the application. You need to set up a dashboard to ensure that you won’t face problems in the future. Such as, you can set passwords, view listed features, learn their functionality, and more. 

You’ve completed setting up the application; now, all you have to do is monitor remotely. The spy app features are the main module that makes monitoring function. First, we’ll discuss the standard features of the android monitoring app so you can learn to monitor.

Spy through features: 

Standard spy app features:

  • Call monitoring:

Call monitoring is the most popular features of spy applications. It lets you discreetly monitor the phone conversations of your target device. You can even tap into the conversation in progress. Moreover, it applies to both incoming calls as well as the calls made by the target. 

It is used to tape audios using the microphone of the phone. For listening to the recordings, login to your personal account and use the feature to record a call from the dashboard. It lets you hear to them at any time.

  • Social media monitoring:

You can monitor all social media platforms using spy apps. It allows you to monitor the real-time feed of your target’s phone, such as Instagram or Facebook feed, to ensure your kids have a safe internet environment. 

The most appealing aspect of this feature for monitoring is that it’s not only used for SMS messages. It can spy messages sent via WhatsApp and many other chat platforms, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat 
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp

The cheapest plans let you access videos, text, images, and call logs created by these apps. The higher-priced plans allow you to listen to and record calls made by these applications. And if you want to see someone’s location on Android, Xnspy is the best solution.

  • GPS location monitoring:

Numerous reliable apps for spying phones offer the ability to track location with high-quality results. In addition, they provide the ability to view a real-time map that monitors the phone’s exact GPS position at all times. 

It will show exactly where your child or your partner (for instance) is and the places they’ve been during an extended period. And that’s not even all. This feature allows users to set the location boundary. Then, when the person you’re following crosses these boundaries, you’ll receive an alert.

  • SMS spying:

After installing the android spyware, you can easily keep track of every text message the phone in question transmits or receives. The android spyware allows you to read old and new conversations as well as the contact details. You can block the sender if you feel they’ve bad intentions towards your children. 

  • Web browser spying:

The Internet is filled with unethical content available to everyone via their smart devices. Unfortunately, this means that kids can stream whatever they want, and they may want to look at harmful content. 

If your child has a mental illness, they may be looking for ways to commit suicide. You can control and monitor the history of their internet browsing with this feature. TWS phone tracker allows users the ability to block websites and browse saved cookies.

  • Microphone surround recording:

The spy application also offers a surround recording feature through the phone’s microphone. This feature allows users to turn on the device’s microphone and record plus listen to the surrounding environment. You can benefit from it through recording conversations in real-time.

What is the best android spy app to monitor smartphones?

When we talk about the best android spy app, we want every possible feature that we can trust to get quality results. Moreover, it must have the qualities to inspire the user to get the app, and we’ll introduce the best android spyware for you. THEWISPY is a leading spyware that is gaining popularity by offering high-standard spying services. 

TheWiSpy monitoring app:

TheWiSpy is the top parental control application that helps you to spy your children’s digital activities remotely. For example, you can spy the live position of your children using TheWiSpy GPS location monitoring function.  Furthermore, TheWiSpy app lets you monitor your children’s screen use remotely, and all with just a few clicks.

Access to unlimited Internet could expose kids to gambling, catfishing, cyberbullying, pornography, and other dangers. Apart from that, you can use this android spyware to keep your own mobile phone’s data secure and monitor your employees. TWS offers vase monitoring services to use for any monitoring purpose, and you’ll get quality results each time. 

How does it work?

TheWiSpy is an app that does not require any effort. After installation, TheWiSpy integrates with the operating system of the targeted device and then runs in the background. The app tracks every digital step and transmits the recorded information to the control panel on the Internet. 

Parents can review the information spied and save them as evidence to identify children involved in an illegal act. You can block sites, contacts and uninstall applications when you feel it’s harming your child’s mental health. You can do everything remotely using the TWS dashboard. 


TheWiSpy is a highly affordable spy app when it comes to comparison with other top applications. You can get the basic plan for $19.99 only. It will offer you all standard features for spying, such as call monitoring, GPS monitoring, and more.  


We’ve described how you can spy on smartphones using spyware in this article in detail. If you want to be pro at it, follow the given steps and easily monitor any device. Then, you can install TheWiSpy and, with the help of the user-friendly interface, rule the monitoring experience. 

It gives you complete control over your teen’s mobile phone so that you can ensure their safety. So, make a wise decision while purchasing software because the more complex the spy app interface is, the more problems you’ll face while using it. 

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