How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer without iTunes

You buy a brand new iPhone, excitedly taking photos, downloading music and other stuffs, or shooting videos with it. In addition, maybe various types of files are accumulating as days passing by. In this way, your iPhone gradually wears out, and you have no choice but to transfer these data to your computer for more storage space and save your phone from being stuck from time to time.

However, for many iPhone users, they encounter with problem like data being erased while using iTunes. Then how to transfer data from iPhone to computer without iTunes?

Problems of using iTunes

Users have the idea of finding an alternative for iTunes, indicating there indeed exists some problems when they use it. Here let’s discuss together to find out why you can give up iTunes:

  1. Not every type of device can support iTunes for data transfer.
  2. It’s a little complex to transfer data with iTunes, especially for those who are unfamiliar with it. There are relatively more steps to operate. Usually they do not know how to do it unless search for step by step tutorial on the internet.
  3. There is experience gap between different iTunes versions. For example, iTunes of OS X version is smoother to use than Windows’, and this is a long lasting problem over these years without acknowledgeable improvement.
  4. Users cannot export backup data separately. For instance, if you want to export the music and videos, you have to export the whole backup file.

How to transfer data from iPhone to computer without iTunes

Having a better idea of the reasons why you should find iTunes alternative, next let’s see how to transfer data using another tool. Here we select WinX MediaTrans to elaborate on the way to transfer data from iPhone to computer. The following are its features showing that it stands out from other tools we have tested:

  • It will protect your privacy, offering you the function to set password to encrypt your files.
  • It performs well on different devices and it’s easy to use even for the inexperienced. Just within few clicks, data transfer can be completed.
  • No matter you are transferring your whole file or selected ones, it’s all accessible with WinX MediaTrans. Moreover, no data will suffer being erased during or after data transfer.
  • Your data will be transferred from iPhone to computer at the no.1 fast speed. No lengthy wait.
  • Multiple data type supported like photo, video or music, etc. Moreover, for music you can manage the music lists by yourself. 
  • Large file can be compressed by 50%, but the quality will remain the same. Your computer’s memory space will also be taken care of.
  • Never need to take flash drive with you. Your iPhone is big flash disk. All the file can be pocketed.

Now, you know the features WinX MediaTrans, then how to transfer data from your iPhone to computer with it? Follow the next steps:

Step 1: Go to the official websites to free download the software.

Step 2: Choose the data type you want to transfer, like photo, music and video, etc.

For example, if you want to transfer music, follow these steps:

① Click on the “Music Manager” button to start.

② Select the music you want to transfer and click “Export”. 

Noted: “Search” is for quickly target the song you want to find. Also, with WinX MediaTrans you can decode songs to DRM-free format if you cannot directly play DRM music.


Data transfer from iPhone to computer is an indispensable need for iPhone users, because the storage space is quite limited. If iPhone cannot be released after accumulation of different files for a long time, it may become easily stuck, leading to a bad user experience. Many users are giving up iTunes for its disadvantages and look for a good alternative. WinX MediaTrans may be the right choice for you. It transfer data from your iPhone to computer flexibly and easily at the fastest speed. In the meanwhile, you do not have to handle some problems like data loss or file leak in any part of the process. Photos, music or videos…data transfer is not as complicated as you think with this handy software. 

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