Blocked But IMessage Says Delivered Final Conclusion

Your iMessage uses different colors to display messages – blue or green Blocked But IMessage Says Delivered Final Conclusion. This could mean different things.

If youIf you’re curious about what happens to your iMessage messages after you send them, here’s what you need to know.

You should know that, if you’re looking for clues as to what iMessage shows when you’re blocked, or whether iMessage will be delivered if you’re blocked, sending iMessages (in updated iOS 12) will show a blue “delivered” message if you’re not blocked.

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Note that for an iMessage,

You’re blocked if the previous iMessage says delivered but not the recent ones.

If you don’t see the “Delivered” or “Read” receipts when sending an iMessage, then it’s possible you’ve been blocked by the recipient.

You’re not blocked if the message is blue and says ‘Delivered’.

Your iMessage may not be delivered if the person you’re sending it to doesn’t have an iPhone.

It’s important to test what’s actually happening to your iMessage when you add filters.

Do you ever have any of the following problems with your iPhone? Green messages that appear on your screen, an unresponsive touch screen, or a cracked screen.

If you do, you’re not alone Millions of iPhone users have had these problems at one time or another.The good news is that there are ways to fix these problems without spending a lot of money or taking your phone to the Apple store. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix three of the most common iPhone problems: green messages, an unresponsive touch screen, and a cracked screen.

Why Do You See Green Messages on iPhone?

If you see green messages on your iPhone, this does not mean you’re blocked. iMessage is for all iOS users (iPhone, iPad), which means these blue messages will turn green when you send normal text messages to other users (i.e. Android or Windows phone users).

You can try the steps to avoid the blocking,

Open iMessage.

Open Unblocking Guide to bypass being blocked.

And unblock yourself now.

How to Archive Entire iMessage Conversation:

You can archive an entire conversation on iMessage if you want to save it on your iPhone.

ICan just copy the conversation and save it to any file or cloud storage. It does not have the archive option manually present.

Did someone block you on iMessage?There are a few different ways to find out if someone has blocked you on iMessage. One way is to see if you can still see the person’s profile photo in the Messages app. If their profile photo has disappeared, it’s likely that they’ve blocked you.

How To Know If You’re Blocked On IMessage:

Here you go with these methods mentioned below:

1. See if blocked by Sending an iMessage:

One easy way to check if you’ve been blocked on iMessage by someone is to try sending a message to their phone number. On iOS 12, if the iMessage you send shows as delivered, it means you’ve been blocked.

If you send an iMessage to someone who has blocked you, you won’t get the “Read” receipt anyway.

You can also open iMessage on your MacBook. However, there are a few issues that can occur. For example, the iMessage on your iPhone may show as “Delivered,” but the MacBook may not show any delivery receipt for the messages.

If you’re still seeing the iMessage as “Delivered” on your MacBook, the person may not have blocked you yet. Check for a read receipt to confirm.

2. Check by sending iMessage [Lower version than iOS 12]:

The method for checking if someone has blocked you on iMessage has changed with the release of iOS 12. On lower versions of iOS, the process is much easier. You can simply send an iMessage to the number in question and if the message is not delivered, you have been blocked.

If the message you’re trying to send shows up as a green bubble asking to send a normal message, it means the person you’re trying to reach has blocked you.

Only one condition, just check that your internet connection is turned on and working properly.

Even then, the message won’t be seen by the person it’s meant for.

If you’re not receiving iMessages from someone, it’s likely that they’ve blocked your number.

3. Check by Directly calling the Number:

If you’re trying to send an iMessage and it’s not going through, it may be because the person you’re sending it to has blocked your number. To be sure, try calling their number.

If a call goes straight to voicemail after one ring, this may be a sign that the person has blocked your number on their iPhone.

If you think the person you’re trying to call has blocked your number, you can try calling from another phone, or check with that person to confirm. If the call goes through, then you know you’re not blocked.

How To Check If The Person Activated DND?

If the person you’re trying to reach knows all of your phone numbers, they can block all of them. In that case, just hide your caller ID and call again.

On a few carriers, you can use this setting to reject repeated calls. However, some carriers do not have this option. Instead, you can use virtual numbers to achieve the same goal.

What can be done in this case?…

If you need to urgently get in touch with someone and your calls are being automatically rejected, the only thing you can do is send a message on WhatsApp or Facebook.

Any voicemail you send to the person is also blocked and stored in the ‘Blocked Messages’ section under voicemail. The person who blocked you will not be notified.

The Bottom Lines:

If you want to know if you’re blocked on iMessage, the best way to check is by using your MacBook. If you don’t have a MacBook, you can still check if you’re blocked by calling the number.


1. What happens when you send a text to a blocked number?

The person you’ve blocked won’t get any notifications about the messages you’ve sent.

2. How do I see blocked Voicemails & others on my iPhone?

The message you send to the blocker is stored in the blocked section of the app.

For FaceTime, go to Settings, then FaceTime, and then Blocked. There you will find the messages.

ForGo to Settings >> Phone >> Call Blocking & Identification and find the SMS there.

For Voicemail, Go to Voicemail>> Blocked Messages.

3. Will the iMessage Say Delivered if the Phone is off?

No. The message will not be sent as a delivered iMessage if the phone is turned off. The iMessage will appear as a normal text message in a green bubble.

4. Can I delete an iMessage before it’s Delivered?

The only way to prevent a message from being sent is to turn off your internet connection while the app is attempting to send it. If your messages have already been sent to the Apple server, the only way to change them is to send a new, normal text message.

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