iPhone Not Recognizing SIM Card Error

Facing the issue of detecting the iPhone SIM card is a common problem faced by most of the Apple users. However, sometimes it’s very difficult to figure out why your mobile is showing no SIM in the top left corner, especially when your SIM is correctly placed inside the tray of your device.

But, don’t worry below is listed some simple steps for how to fix sim not provisioned mm#2 error for the issue of your SIM on iPhone, iPad device.

Fixes for iPhone Not Recognizing SIM Card Error

By switching Airplane mode on/off

Sometimes the issue can be fixed only by resetting your network connection on your iPhone device. Simply swipe up the control center of the iPhone and tap airplane mode on and then off.

Replacing and testing with a different SIM card

If you have any spare SIM cards, just start testing with that. You have to insert the other SIM card in the tray and check if only your SIM card is faulty or this SIM card also shows the same problem. If everything is okay with the spare SIM card and the problem persists with your existing new SIM card, then contact your service provider to exchange the SIM with another one.

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Cleaning of SIM card slots

Sometimes dirt and moisture retained in the SIM card slot makes it difficult to detect the SIM, and it shows SIM card error. To clean the tray, use isopropyl i.e., mild alcohol on a lightly bristled toothbrush, and gently rub this into the slot to remove the specs of dirt. However, if you have compressed air can then blow this directly inside the tray to remove any dirt and moisture.

Sometimes your iPhone or Android phone shows SIM not provisioned MM2 error leaving you frustrated. Well, the SIM not provisioned error occurs due to the failure of transfer of information between the cell phone and service provider. It can be easily resolved by following some simple steps.


  • Check the SIM card is properly inserted inside the card slot. Sometimes the error of SIM not being provisioned shows due to the SIM card not properly cut and fitted inside the tray. To ensure you must check your SIM card slot is not damaged or cut. However, you can check your SIM card with another android device or iPhone to ensure everything is fine with the cutting of the SIM card.


  • Sometimes the SIM not provisioned error shows due to congestion of the network. In this case, you simply reinsert the SIM card. Probably, the SIM not provisioned error may disappear.


  • Most of the time, people face SIM not provisioned MM#2 error due to delay in the activation process. Usually, it takes 24-48 hours to activate a new SIM card. In that case, you have to wait some more time. But, after 48 hours, if the problem persists, then contact your telecom services to know about the activation procedure.



There is nothing fishy if your iPhone shows no SIM card error. It is frequently faced by mobile users and the problem can be resolved easily by contacting a network provider.

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