Best Motherboard for Video Editing 2023 – Review And Buying Guide

Best Motherboard for Video Editing, Building your own workstation with the best motherboard for video editing rather than buying a pre-built unit is an excellent way to guarantee high performance.

Even if you’re not that tech savvy, there are plenty online tutorials and guides that will walk through assembly process – it’s never too late.

And while deciding on which one should be perfect in size matches what kind of disks they have available as well since most people already know how important storage space can be when looking at building new computers.

From scratch or upgrading old ones because this type decision would determine everything else: RAM capacity (or lack thereof), power supply wattage requirement…

Picking the right motherboard is just as important to performance gaming than which graphics card you use. A bad-quality piece of hardware can really reduce your game experience, while a high quality board will make all sorts of upgrades feel like child’s play.

A lot more thought should go into this choice because quality has such an impact on how smoothly everything runs – not only does better cooling help with load temperatures but also less instability caused by interference between components (and often at little cost).

Best Motherboard for Video Editing

The truth is, there are many motherboards out on the market that will help you maximize your video editing potential. But with all this variety can be overwhelming.

To make things easier for our readers, we’ve narrowed down 7 excellent options so you don’t have to deal with trying figure out what’s best or worrying about compatibility issues when spending money at an electronics store today.

Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER

Our Top Pick

The Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master is a full-sized ATX motherboard that’s perfect for video editors. It features 8th core support and comes with everything you need to get your work done, including 4 pin power connector slots on top of 6+2 phase digital delivery system + 7nm processor technology!

Aorus’s 6 SATA ports and M.2 slots are all powered by separate heatsinks, enabling the user to customize their system according to application needs for work or play – whether that means heavy duty video editing with 128GB of DDR4 RAM or fast loading times in demanding workloads thanks supported Intel® Core™ X-generation processors on offer here too.

The board also comes fully equipped with AORUS’ intuitive customization options so you can build up one incredible rig tailored exclusively just like yourself; what more could any professional want.

This amazing piece of electronic genius features a cutting-edge thermal design, with an advanced touch heat pipe and fins array heatsink.

It’s also outfitted with the SB turbocharger for quick charging your smartphone device or any other USB based gadget! The Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master is quite expensive but it’s definitely worth every penny when you think about how well this thing performs in all areas of gaming performance.


  • Visually pleasing construction
  • Remarkable CPU overclocking
  • Numerous digital LED modes
  • Supports SLI and Crossfire
  • Advanced voltage regulation


  • Memory overclocking is subpar
  • Not the most affordable option


Best Flagship motherboard

Another Aorus? Yes, but with a different kind of beauty. This one is more affordable and impressive in performance than its counterpart from before – the “Aorus Master”.

It still doesn’t come cheap though; it’s not as costly as other higher end graphics cards like Radeons or Nvidia counterparts (video games).

You will find yourself paying for these high-quality features that justify every penny spent: stunning visuals coupled up by top notch gaming capabilities.

The Aorus Pro WiFi is a board designed for high-end gamers and over clockers. It has all of the same great features as its predecessor, such as reinforced PCIe slots that are just as premium looking to match your other components in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The rear I/O cover also incorporates RGB LEDs so you can add some extra flair while gaming or overclocking without having any trouble seeing what’s going on back there at night time thanks once again from ASUS who always goes above and beyond expectations with each new product they release.

You may be wondering why this is important or relevant. The answer: it’s not, but there are two specific ways in which Aorus manages to trump its competitors when compared feature-for-feature with each of them.

For starters (and most importantly), you get twice as many SATA ports and M2 slots than any other comparable product on the market – making your computer more versatile at once; while also offering better performance due largely thanks their high speeds alone.

And don’t forget about all those extra connections outfitted just for gaming enthusiasts like yourself who want nothing less than maximum potential from their rig.


  • Multiple graphics processing
  • Features plenty of USB ports
  • Exceptional Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Superior cooling capabilities
  • Great performance-to-cost ratio


  • Memory overclocking isn’t that great
  • An extra M.2 slot would’ve been nice

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MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel

Best Enthusiastic Motherboard

The Z270 Gaming M5 is one of the most distinctive-looking motherboards on the market. It’s not as colorful or flashy in appearance compared to its competitors, but it does have RGB LED lighting for added flair when you’re gaming at night with friends.

The accompanying software allows users plug in standard strips and sync them up with your own personal light show creating an even more immersive experience that’ll make any gamer happy

The Flaunting jet black PCB accented by silver grey accents is sure to catch anyone’s eye – especially gamers looking for something truly special during their next build session…

The second M.2 slot has a maximum of 80mm for drive length, which is the common size we’re all familiar with. This means it can accommodate laptops up to 13 inches in screen size or desktops that are 10 centimeters deep – whichever fits your needs.

It features metal shielding and an independent heatsink too; perfect if you need both protection against external interference as well as optimal performance while gaming/video editing.


  • Offers plenty of USB ports
  • Fan control and DC/PWM Mode
  • Multiple graphics processing
  • Offers triple NVMe support
  • Superb graphics performance


  • Listed at a pretty steep price tag
  • Bottom edge is a little cluttered

ASRock B450M-HDV R4.0

Budget Friendly

Equipped with the AM4 socket, this motherboard is capable of supporting AMD Ryzen processors. It’s not advised to utilize a high-end AMD processor because it doesn’t have enough phase power for them CPUs and you will run into problems if used together unless your system can handle mITX form factor motherboards.

As well as single slot graphics cards in PCIe X16 slots located on both sides of where AGP 2x video card was formerly installed (one near cluster RAM expansion slot closest towards CPU5554 northbridge chip).

The ASRock Z390 ECLUSE motherboard is perfect for video editing purposes and building a budget gaming rig. It can do it all, but does this affordable yet high-quality board come with enough features?

The output should be more engaging because the author wants his readers attention rather than simply stating facts or listing specifications

You might be thinking that this process is inconvenient, but it’s actually quite easy. We don’t think a motherboard can beat the ASRock B450M-HDV R4.0 when it comes to value for money!


  • Listed at an affordable price tag
  • High-quality audio via ELNA caps
  • Has the A-Tuning software suite
  • AS Rock full spike protection
  • Flaunts AMD Store MI technology


  • Awkward SATA ports placement
  • I/O board feels a little bit wonky

ASUS Prime B550M-A Wi-Fi

Best for Video Editors

The Asus Prime B550M-A WiFi is an excellent choice for budget conscious gamers who still want to experience high end graphics.

The AM44 socket can accommodate any cpu, but with its enhanced ability of handling more powerful processors it’s likely that you’ll be able do whatever your heart desires on this motherboard.

The Asus Prime B550M-A is perfect for video editors who are looking to assemble a mid-range rig, whereas the ASRock B450M HDV more suitable as an option from novice users.

Asus has released its newest motherboard, the Asus Prime B550M-A. This PCIe V4.0 equipped device elevates your graphics performance by offering twice as many lanes for enhanced speed and compatibility with 4k video at 60Hz or 120 Hz refresh rates.

Equipped with HDMI 2.1 this new board also supports high definition audio so you can play all of those games without any problems.


  • Offers a ton of value for the price
  • Comprehensive cooling system
  • Doesn’t require BIOS updates
  • Latest PCIe V4.0 protocol tech
  • Latest WiFi 6 networking tech


  • Oddly placed chassis headers
  • M.2 sockets are in tight places

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero

Staff Pick

The MSI Z170A SLI Plus Motherboard is designed for those who want high-end performance and features. It also offers Aura Sync, which personalizes your experience through light effects in addition with sound or graphics settings.

The MSI Gaming X Trio is one of the best motherboards for building a high-performance computer that delivers an incredible gaming experience.

The fan on this board never gets too loud or distracts from gameplay so users can enjoy their games longer without having any problems whatsoever – talk about being made specifically thinking gamers in mind.


  • Optimal for gaming and video editing
  • Excellent performance out of the box
  • Wide range of overclocking options
  • Dedicated water header zones
  • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty


  • One of the most expensive boards
  • VRM design isn’t very sophisticated

MSI Performance Gaming Intel

Best for Gamers

The MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard is a premium option that enables you to tackle resource-hungry video editing tasks with ease.

Despite offering impressive features and excellent functionality, this board comes at an affordable price compared to other similarly configured motherboards from leading manufacturers.

The MSI XPOWER GAMING Z10C is a perfect gaming motherboard for those who want the latest in technology and are always on-the-go. Capable of handling demanding titles like Minecraft, it can also edit videos without any issues whatsoever.

This motherboard is the perfect choice for those who are looking to produce videos in a hurry. You can operate it with either PWM or DC voltage, so no matter what your preference happens to be there will always be an option.

Plus, because these headers have been designed specially by companies who know how important speed efficiency really is-you’ll find them extremely accommodating when editing video quickly on this device.


  • Easily customizable RGB LEDs setup
  • Features adjustable heatsink covers
  • Can handle the latest CPUs with ease
  • Features turbo M.2 with M.2 shield
  • Extremely effective cooling system


  • Red I/O socket is awkwardly placed
  • VRM heatsink is considerably small

Frequently Asked Questions

What Specs Do I Need for Video Editing?

For efficient video editing, you need at least 8GB of RAM and a multi-core CPU with 4 cores. Best Motherboard for Video Editing Your choice for the graphics card boils down to which software that will be used in terms of how many processing cores are needed on your computer’s operating system level.

Either 32 or 128Bit depending upon what version Microsoft provides for their latest releases during general availability each year around October timeframe up until now (Windows 10 release date still TBD).

Is Core i5 Good for Video Editing?

Video editing can be an expensive hobby, Best Motherboard for Video Editing but it’s also worth the cost. If you want to cut down your expenses or don’t have enough money for a good processor then Core i5 chipsets are perfect.

They allow novice video editors who only need basic skills in order import footage into programs like Final Cut Pro smoothly without having any problems while still being able do 1080p videos with ease at times when needed most.

Just keep in mind that these processors will not work as fast under high-resolution projects because there’s too much data involved and they’re limited by how many cores each individual task has access).

Which CPU Is Best for Adobe Premiere Pro?

If you want to smoothly edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro, then all of your computer’s components should be at least Core i7 or AMD equivalent. You’ll need 8 cores and an Ivy Bridge-E processor with a minimum clock speed of 3.2GHz for best results.

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