How to create and add Holidays to Outlook Calendar – Detailed Guide

Outlook Calendar can tell you when your favorite holidays are coming up. To add holidays and other important dates to your calendar, open the most recent version of Outlook. All versions of Outlook include holidays for many countries and religions that you can add.

In this article, we’ll explain how to add or delete a holiday calendar in Microsoft Outlook. A Holiday Calendar highlights worldwide holidays and events. It helps you plan vacations, outings, important events, parties, and more. Also, with a holiday calendar, you can make sure you don’t miss out on important events and festivals. To create an automatic holiday calendar in Outlook: In the navigation pane, click Calendar. On the Home tab, in the new group, click New Items, and then click More Items. Click Outlook Data File, and then click OK. In the new Outlook Data File dialog box, click the folder that you want to add the holiday calendar too. Click the Folder tab, and then click New Folder. Type a name for the new folder, and then click OK. Right-click the new folder that you created, and then click Properties on the shortcut menu. Click the General tab. Under Folder contains, click Calendar Items, and then click OK. On the File menu, click Save and Close to close the new folder.

How to add Holidays to Outlook Calendar

In Outlook, there are no holidays mentioned in the calendar by default. However, you can manually add holidays for one or more countries by following this steps:1. Open Outlook and go to the Calendar tab.

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  • Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • Now, go to the File menu and click Options.
  • Go to the Calendar tab and click the Add Holidays option.
  • Enable the checkbox for the countries you want to add holidays.
  • Press the OK button to add holidays of selected countries.
  • Save or print the created holiday calendar.

Let us discuss these steps in detail now!

To start, launch your Outlook app and click the File tab.

Then, click ‘Options’ in the menu list of the Account Information screen.

After the Outlook Options dialog box appears, select ‘Calendar’ from the menu list.

In the Calendar options section, choose ‘Add Holidays’.

A dialog box for adding holidays to your calendar should appear on your screen instantly. Check the options for the countries and/or religions whose holidays you want to add, and click OK.

A progress dialog box will appear for a very brief moment and then disappear. A confirmation message will appear once the Holidays for the selected region(s) have finished. Depending on how many countries you have selected, the time may vary. Once you see the confirmation box, click OK to close it.

Later, when you’re redirected to the Outlook Options dialog box, click OK to close it. Hover your mouse cursor over the Calendar icon on the Navigation bar at the bottom of the pane. The current month with any upcoming holidays is displayed. The holidays are displayed as shown in the picture below.

You can now click on holidays to plan any activity or event you want. You can also add a reminder for a holiday event, apply a specific color to highlight it, and add tags.

When you’re done customizing the holiday calendar, you can save it. To do that, go to the File menu and click Save Calendar. This option will let you save the holiday calendar in iCalendar (.ics) format.

Directions: To print your holiday calendar, select File > Print. You can also create a PDF document of the calendar using the same Print option.

If you’ve recently upgraded to a newer version of Outlook, you may have noticed that your calendar doesn’t have all of the same holidays as before. Don’t worry – you can easily add the new holidays by using the Add Holidays feature. Here’s how:

How to delete Holidays from the Calendar in Outlook

To remove holidays, you don’t want to see in the calendar in Outlook:

  • Launch Outlook.
  • Open Calendar and go to the View tab.
  • Click on the Change View > List option.
  • Choose Categories in the Arrangement group.
  • Scroll down to the Holidays category.
  • Select the holidays you want to remove.
  • Press the Home > Delete option.
  • Return to a normal calendar view to view the calendar without holidays.

Now that you know how to launch Outlook, open the holiday calendar, and navigate to the View tab, it’s time to learn how to change your view. To do this, click on the Change View drop-down option and select the List option.

Next, choose Arrangement Options and then Categories. Then, under Holiday, find the list of events.

After that, select one or multiple holidays that you want to remove from your holiday calendar. Right-click on the selected holidays and from the context menu, select the Delete option to remove them from your holiday calendar.

Return to the View tab and click the Change View > Calendar option to return to the normal calendar view. The deleted holidays will no longer be visible in the Calendar view.

That’s it! Hope this article helps you add holidays to the calendar automatically and create a holiday calendar in Outlook. You can also delete some holidays that are not significant to you personally or professionally.

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