How to back up Outlook email folders to Windows 11/10 desktop

How to back up Outlook email folders to Windows 11/10 desktop This enables easy access to mails, anytime, anywhere. So, if you or your staff members who primarily use Outlook on a PC or laptop are planning to back up the Outlook message folders locally, simply follow the instructions given in this post.

How to copy Outlook email folders to desktop

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The process of backing up files is a good idea in case something bad happens and you need to access and restore them. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook app.
  2. Click on the File menu.
  3. Select Open & Export.
  4. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst).
  5. Select the backup folder

You can store your Personal Folders and .pst files on the server or on your hard drive. If you store them on your hard drive, you will need to make sure to back them up on a regular basis. The process is simple and can be completed in a few easy steps.

Open Outlook and select the ‘File’ tab from the top menu.

Please choose ‘Open & Export’ from the top menu.

In the right pane, scroll down to the ‘Import/Export’ option and click to open it.

In the “choose an action to perform” section, select “Export to file” option.

Select the Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next. Choose the mail folder you want to back up and click Next.

Browse to the location and name for your backup file, and then select ‘Finish’.

To prevent others from accessing your files, enter and confirm a password, then select OK. The messages stored in a .pst file are the same as any other message. You can search, reply, or forward them as you would with any other message.

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