How to Block Junk, Spam and Unwanted mail in

How to Block Junk, Spam and Unwanted mail in their users daily emails that are unwanted and at best, annoying. These emails are typically from advertising companies that promise to make us rich quickly or offer us the ability to work from home. No matter what their real intention is, their emails are always considered as ‘Spam’, forcing us to delete them.

While one can use a free Outlook Spam Filter or Spam Blocker, you can also easily beat this problem with some work. Microsoft’s latest webmail service – offers its users a multitude of different ways to block these email messages, regarded as junk-emails. For instance, the service lets you build a list of blocked contacts. Any email account that you find suspicious can be easily added to this blocked list to stop receiving emails from it.

Add Email IDs to block list in

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  • Login to your account to do what needs to be done.
  • To change your mail settings, click the ‘Settings’ icon and choose the ‘More mail settings’ option.
  • Choose the second option from the “preventing junk email” menu, “Safe and Blocked Senders.”
  • Go Click on the mentioned link and select ‘Blocked senders’ from the options displayed.
  • You can add email addresses to be blocked here. Any email IDs added to the blocked list will be automatically deleted from your inbox. If you find any email ID of importance that has been added to the blocked list, you can remove it by clicking ‘Remove from list.’

Block content from unknown senders

  • The service offers several ways to block unwanted emails, including creating a ‘Safe Senders’ list. The ‘Safe and
  • blocked senders’ menu of ‘Preventing Junk email’ has this option.

Just enter email address in the box provided and hit ‘Add to list’ tab.

Choose the desired option under ‘Block content from unknown senders’ heading.

  • The ‘Block content from unknown senders’ list can be accessed from the ‘Filters and reporting’ menu under the ‘Preventing junk email’ option.

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