How to change Language back to English

Sometimes’s language gets changed to something other than English, which can make it difficult to perform any task on if you don’t understand the new language. This post explains how to change Outlook language back to English US. You can use the same technique to change the language to any other you want and is included in the list of languages supported by Outlook.

Change Language

The settings for changing the language are found in the Mail settings. Click the Settings wheel in the top right corner and select Options to open the Mail settings. Here, under General, you will see the setting to change Region & Time Zone, where you will find the setting to change the Language as well.

Now that your is displaying in another language that you cannot understand, we will have to troubleshoot this issue without being able to rely on the interface.

As mentioned before, the gear icon’s drop-down menu contains the main mail options label. The label is located between two horizontal bars and doesn’t have anything else between those bars. To access the email settings, you have to click that label.

When you are at the Outlook Mail Settings page, you have to look for the Language options. The Advanced Mail Settings page has plenty of options arranged on the left side under different headings. The General option is the second one from the top. Click on it. Then you have to click the last option as this is the Region & Time Zone setting.

On this screen, on the right, you will see a drop-down menu. Click on it to see a list of languages supported by Choose English US/UK/India as your preference and click Save. You can see the Save icon just below this setting. When you next log into Outlook on the web, English will be the default Language.

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The page will refresh with English as the user interface language. In the future, when you sign in to Outlook on the web, English will be the default language.

If you wish to change to any other language, you can use the same technique for it.

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