How to change Calendar Weather Temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius in Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar App has been updated and now includes a weather toolbar at the top of the calendar view. This can be useful when planning events, as you can check the weather conditions before making any arrangements.

Celsius or Fahrenheit? Which of the two units is more widely used, Celsius or Fahrenheit? Our bodies are sensitive to small changes in temperature, so Fahrenheit allows us to discern between two readings more easily than Celsius. In addition, with Fahrenheit, you don’t have to delve into decimals. Thus, this scale allows you to better relate to the air temperature. For example, Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar app displays temperature in Fahrenheit. The usage of each of these units depends on the practice followed in the country of your residence.

How to change Calendar Weather Temperature in Outlook

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  • Open Outlook or Office 365 and go to the File menu > Options.
  • Under Outlook Options look for the Calendar option and then, Weather.

Now go to the bottom of the page where the Weather category is. You can turn off the weather on the calendar by unchecking the “Show weather on the calendar” box. You can also switch the temperature display between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Click OK to save your changes and exit.

Click the Settings icon in the lower-left corner of the calendar screen, choose weather settings, and select Celsius under the temperature scale.

Your weather settings will change from Fahrenheit to Celsius instantly. All weather forecasts will now show in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.

How do I add a new location to the calendar?

Open the Calendar, then on the Navigation Pane, click View > Change View > Calendar or Preview. Click on the arrow behind the current city and add the location. You will need to select from the drop-down list or make a search to find and add.

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