Set up & configure Outlook to work with an Indian language email account

Set up & configure Outlook to work with an Indian language email account, especially in developing countries like India. The company has initiatives like the Kaizala app that helps in real time governance. With the steadily increasing internet penetration in India, it only becomes imperative to step up the game and develop digital initiatives for the country. Earlier on, Microsoft implemented Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks in order to facilitate better real-time language translation for Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil. Now Microsoft has hit the right note with email address support for Indian languages.

The new support means that Indians can now use Microsoft Office 365 completely in regional language. Apps including Office 365, Outlook 2016, and Outlook apps for Android and iOS all support the Indian languages. This is the direct result of Email Address Internationalisation, an endeavor that aims at offering an equitable Outlook experience by using email addresses in local languages.

Configure Outlook in Indian language

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The process is similar to changing the language in Outlook from English to any other. One can simply use IMAP and SMTP protocols for sending and receiving email messages. Check out our step-by-step guide that will help you work with an Indian language email account.

Open Outlook and go to the File Menu.

Next, select “Add Account.” Enter your email address in the Indian language and click “Advanced Options.” Then select “Let me set up my account manually.” Finally, click “Connect.”

Choose the type of email account you want to sync with Outlook. For example, to configure an IMAP account, press the IMAP icon.

Enter all the details pertaining to the mail service provider, including encryption method and Secure Password Authentication (SPA) requirement. For the incoming mail section, enter the IMAP address of the server (e.g., or Enter all the required info for the outgoing mail section as well.

After completing all the steps above, your Indian language email address should be up and running! Outlook features including Calendar will now be displayed in the Indian language of your choice. Users can reply, send, and compose emails in their regional language. Microsoft has implemented the regional language on Outlook without changing the feel or look of the software.

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Microsoft’s efforts in bringing regional languages to the forefront

Microsoft started working on Project Bhasha in 1998 and enabled Unicode based text for three local languages on Windows XP in 2000. Fast forward to 2018 and Microsoft is using AI technologies and Deep Neural Networks in order to make real-time translations and speech recognition available across several Indian languages.

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