Convert Outlook Email To PDF – Detailed Guide

Convert Outlook email to PDF is just one of many email processing tasks that is vital for users who need to create records of emails in order to keep them safe and organized.

Even if it’s not necessary for your business model, you might want the security of putting everything in one place where it can’t get lost or misplaced.

Microsoft outlook offers this functionality together with the ability to send an email attachment with ease.

You can drag and drop, but the only thing is that this may cause conflicts with the file’s format.

How to convert an outlook email to pdf With Outlook 2010 and later?

PDF format is used to transport files or data. Here in this piece, you will learn step-by-step methods to email formatted or unformatted files into PDF format or convert an existing text file into the PDF format.

There are multiple online websites that easily convert MSG email format to PDF.

Let’s cover some other ways to convert Outlook email into PDF format or how to convert Outlook email into PDF files.

Below method applies specifically to users of the Outlook 2010 version, with later versions being very similar except for some interface changes.

  • Firstly Open the Microsoft Outlook
  • Now Select the message you want to convert to PDF.
  • And then Click File Tab from the left-hand corner of the screen >> Click Print
  • Print-key 1
  • Then Select Microsoft Print to PDF Printer from the drop-down list, and click Print. Convert-Outlook-Email-to-PDF 2
  • Then the System required specific location navigate to save your email into PDF file. Print-to-PDF-save-location 3
  • After that name the file, and the file type is by default (*.pdf), and then simply click Save.

You can additionally use the same PDF to email as an attachment.

Use Quick Print under the Quick Access Toolbar

The quick access toolbar has everything you need to be productive at your fingertips. You can keep track of all your meetings, even create new ones.

Quick Print is one of the features you can print quickly and easily! If this feature isn’t available, it’s very easy to unhide.

  • Here first you have to Open the email you like to convert into PDF.
  • Then Click on the quick access toolbar (QAT) launcher icon and select Quick Print from the drop-down list.
  • quick-print-quick-access-toolbar 4
  • The quick Print added to the toolbar.
  • QAT 5
  • Now It will redirect your file to the printer and directly convert it to PDF and similarly, you need to select the location and save the PDF file.
  • Printing-Email-PDF 6

Bonus tip

Apart from the methods above, applying Ctrl + P will walk you through the printer section where you can convert it to PDF .

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