How to create a New Event, Contact and Group on provides additional features which enable you to create an event and schedule it. Creating a new event and scheduling it will give you a reminder regarding the same. Thus, you can be sure that you will never miss out on any important meetings, events, birthdays, etc. Creating contact lists and groups helps you share files and documents with each other and perform shared goals. Let us see how this can be done.

Creating a New Event, New Contact, New Group

Here are the steps to create a New Event, New Contact, New Contact List, and New Group in

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  • From the Calendar tab, click on New Event.
  • From the People tab, click on New Contact.
  • Under the New Contact dropdown menu, you can find the New Contact List and the New Group options as well.
  • Fill in the required details and then click on Creator Save.

The Calendar and People tabs are located at the bottom of the left pane. Refer to the image below.

How to create & schedule a New Event in Outlook on the Web

On the Calendar tab, click New Event. In the resulting pop-up window, you can enter a title, date, time, and other details for the event.

To explore more of it, click on More options at the bottom of the window.

Make an important meeting, flying to catch a reminder, birthday reminder, things to do, etc.

On the left side of the title, you will see an icon. Click on that icon to open a new window with a number of different icons, including a plane, a note, a package delivery, a person, and a star.

Choose an appropriate icon for your event.

For the event, you can invite required and optional attendees in the columns below.

Fill in details such as the date, time, time zone, location, and add a description or attach documents if required.

You can enable the All day and Skype meeting options if required.

Confirm your details once and then click Save. Your event is now saved and scheduled.

New Contact

  • To create a new contact, click on New Contact and a new pop-up window will open.
  • Add the first name, last name, email address, mobile phone number, company name and notes, if any.
  • Click on Add more to add additional phone numbers, addresses, birthday, anniversary, etc. and then click Create.

New Contact List

  • If you need to send an email to many people at a time, you need to create a contact list consisting of all the required email addresses.
  • Fill in the details such as the Contact list name, add email addresses, and add a description to it.
  • Click Create. Your contact list is now ready.

New Group

  • Creating a group will give you a space for sharing conversations, files, scheduling events, and more. It helps a number of people to work together towards a common goal.
  • All you have to do is add a Group name and description or purpose for creating the group.
  • Click Create. Another pop-up window will open.
  • Add members or email addresses to the group and then click Add. A new group will be created.

After you have entered all the details, click Save. Your event is now saved and scheduled.

The Outlook features that will make your life much easier are the constant reminders about events and meetings, the ability to chat and share files and documents with contacts and/or a group of people, and the ease of use.

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