Send email in bulk to multiple contacts using People Contact List in

Send email in bulk to multiple contacts using People Contact List in To do this, simply select the “People” tab, and then click on the “Create an email list” option. From here, you can add the contacts that you want to include in the list, and then simply select the list when you go to compose a new email.

If you and your friends are working on a project together, you might find it helpful to create an email list so you can easily keep everyone updated on your progress. If you only need to send one or two emails, the first method is best. However, if you need to send ten or fifteen emails to different people, the latter method is recommended – create a list so you can save some valuable time.

If you have an email address saved in People, you can add it to the list of contacts. People is a free service provided by Microsoft that allows you to save contacts and synchronize them across devices.

Create email list to select multiple contacts at once in

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To create an email list in Outlook, follow these steps-

  1. Open People
  2. Create a list of contacts
  3. Select the list while sending email from Outlook

Open the People website. If you have not saved your contacts yet, click the New contact button and follow the screen instructions. If you have already saved the desired contacts, click the down arrow next to the “New contact” button and select “New contact list.

” Now, you need to name the list, enter all email addresses in the “Add email addresses” box, write down a description, and click the “Create” button.

Once you are done with the list, open and compose a message. In the To section, instead of an email address or contact name, write down the name of the list. As you type, the list should appear in the search result, and you need to select it from there. Now, you can edit the email as you wish and send it.

If for any reason your contact list doesn’t appear, you can open it on the official People website and click the “Send email” button.

A popup window should appear where you can enter your email address.

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