How to create Desktop Alerts for Email arrival in Outlook – Guide

Microsoft Outlook is a web app that helps you take control of your email and focus on important messages. With Microsoft Outlook, you can manage and share your calendar to schedule meetings. The Outlook desktop app can notify you of new messages with a desktop alert. You can customize the transparency, location, and duration of the desktop alert.

Create Desktop Alerts for Incoming Email in Outlook

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  • Open Outlook.
  • Go to File.
  • On the Backstage View, select Options.
  • An Outlook Options dialog box will appear.
  • Inside the Outlook Options dialog box, click the Mail
  • On the Mail page, in the “Mail Arrival” section, you can choose to click one or more checkboxes.
  • Play a sound,
  • Briefly change the mouse pointer,
  • Show an envelope icon in the taskbar,
  • Display a Desktop Alert.

The Play a sound checkbox allows you to receive alerts with sound whenever Outlook receives a message, a message pop-up notification, or a change in the Outlook icon on the status bar. When you click the “Briefly change mouse pointer” checkbox, your cursor will change to an arrow whenever a new message arrives.

The Show Envelope icon in the taskbar checkbox, when clicked, will display a desktop envelope icon in the desktop notification area whenever the user receives a message. The Show an envelope feature in the taskbar will only show if emails are received in the inbox or moved to other folders by rule.

Every time you get a new message, a notification will appear on your desktop if you have the “Display Desktop Alert” checkbox clicked.

In Outlook, Desktop Alerts are turned on by default.

Once, check the boxes of your choice, click OK.

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