Error 0x80070057 Outlook Offline Address Book won’t download

Error 0x80070057 Outlook Offline Address Book won’t download when you try to download the Offline Address Book (.oab) in Microsoft Outlook, then this post is intended to help you. We will identify the potential causes, as well as provide the most suitable solutions to successfully resolve the issue. When you try to download the Offline Address Book (.oab) in Microsoft Outlook, you may receive the error 0x80070057. This error can occur for a few reasons, which we will outline below. We will also provide the most suitable solutions to resolve the issue.

Error message You may encounter this issue and receive the full error message below; the error message indicates that your device is not able to connect to the internet. Task reported error (0x80070057): ‘Sorry, something went wrong. You may want to try again’

Make sure the SMTP mail server address is in the format of The issue you’ll encounter is that the Exchange server is configured to enable Offline Address Book download by using Public Folder distribution only.

Error 0x80070057, Outlook Offline Address Book won’t download

If you’re getting the error code 0x80070057 when trying to download the Offline Address Book in Outlook, try our recommended solutions below.

  1. For better performance, you may want to disable the cache mode in Outlook for your Exchange account.
  2. configure your Exchange server to download the OAB using web-based distribution
  3. Configure Outlook desktop client for email settings.
  4. Creating a new Outlook profile can be beneficial if you are experiencing problems with your current Outlook
  5. profile or if you want to start fresh with a new Outlook profile.
  6. Repair Outlook PST files
  7. Use the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool to help you fix problems with your PC.

Let’s take a look at how each of the listed solutions work.

1] Disable Exchange Cache Mode in Outlook client

The Offline Address Book (OAB) is a downloaded copy of a user’s address book that Outlook uses when it is unable to connect to the Exchange Server. The OAB can become outdated and will need to be updated periodically. If Outlook is configured to use Cached Exchange Mode and the OAB is not updating, the Offline Address Book may be corrupt. To fix this issue, disable Cached Exchange Mode and then re-enable it.

To disable Exchange Cache Mode in Outlook, do the following: Open Outlook. On the File tab, click Account Settings. Click Account Settings. On the E-mail tab, double-click your Exchange account. Click Change. Click More Settings. Click the Advanced tab. Clear the Use Cached Exchange Mode check box. Click OK twice. Exit and then restart Outlook.

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  1. Launch Outlook.
  2. Click FileClick on the Account Settings option in the drop-down menu that appears
  3. Choose the Exchange or Office 365 account from which you want to download the .oab file.
  4. Click Change.
  5. To disable cached Exchange mode for an Outlook data file, uncheck the Use Cached Exchange Mode option under Offline Settings.

2] Configure Exchange server to download OAB using web-based distribution

The Exchange server administrator must make sure that OAB can be downloaded by using web-based distribution, in addition to configuring the Autodiscover service correctly for the Exchange server organization.

To check if your configuration is set correctly, do the following:

  1. Open Exchange Management console.
  2. Navigate to Organization Configuration.Click on Mailbox.
  3. Choose the mailbox server that is right for you.
  4. To change your Client Settings, click Properties > Client Settings.
  5. Go to the Organization Configuration page, then click Mailbox. On the Offline Address Book tab, you can view
  6. and change the settings for the offline address book.
  7. Open the distribution properties for your OAB.

3] Configure Outlook desktop client with email settings for

This solution requires you to configure Outlook desktop client using Outlook for Web email settings. Try downloading the Offline Outlook Address Book and see if the procedure completes without the error code in view. Otherwise try the next solution.

4] Create new Outlook profile

This solution requires you to manually create a new Outlook profile by following the instructions in the guide(s) on how to fix Microsoft Outlook crashes with Error Code 0xc0000005 or Error 0x8004010F, Outlook data file cannot be accessed.

5] Repair Outlook PST (data) files

If you’re getting an error message when you try to repair your Outlook PST data files, you can try resetting or repairing the Outlook app, or uninstalling and reinstalling Office.

6] Run Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool

You need to run the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool. Alternatively, you can use the SaRA tool on your Windows 11/10 computer.

How do I force an Offline Address Book to download?

To make an Offline Address Book download, follow these steps. On the Tools menu, choose Send/Receive, and then pick Download Address Book. In the Offline Address Book dialog box, be sure the Download changes since last Send/Receive option is checked.

Why does Outlook default to Offline Address Book?

Outlook defaults to using the Offline Address Book (OAB) when in Cached Exchange Mode. The OAB is more responsive than the online version.

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