How to fix Outlook Error 0X800408FC on Windows 11/10

How to fix Outlook Error 0X800408FC on Windows 11/10 message usually points to the root of the problem you’re experiencing. In most cases, this error occurs when you’re offline or the server name is incorrect. Almost all cases of the “incorrect server name” error are caused by an incorrect server name. However, this is not always the case. After a Windows update, some users have received this error even when their server name was correct.

Fix Outlook Error 0X800408FC

This guide will show you how to fix the Outlook error 0X800408FC. To repair your Outlook, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

  1. Confirm that you’re connected to the internet.
  2. Correct your Outlook email account settings.
  3. Correct your mail server settings.
  4. Allow Outlook files through your firewall.
  5. PING your mail server.
  6. Use Outlook in Safe Mode.

1] Confirm that you’re connected to the internet

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Test your internet connection to make sure you’re online before you go crazy troubleshooting the Outlook Error 0X800408FC. The network icon on your taskbar shows your connection status. If it says “Not connected,” that’s the root of the Outlook error 0X800408FC. Alternatively, launch your web browser and visit any website. If the website doesn’t open, your internet connection is the problem.

2] Correct your Outlook email account settings

The Outlook error 0X800408FC can also be caused by incorrect server name in the Outlook email account settings. To resolve this issue, you need to reconfigure your Outlook account settings.

3] Correct your mail server settings

Open Outlook. On the File menu, select Account Settings. In the right pane, click Server Settings. From the dropdown options, select the server you want to connect to.

Make sure the username, password, server, port, and encryption methods are correct. If you’re not sure, use the following options where applicable.

  • The incoming server port for POP3 is either 995 or 993.
  • Outgoing server (SMTP) port: 465
  • Mark the “My outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication” checkbox.
  • Click the OK button to save your changes and restart Outlook.

4] Allow Outlook files through your firewall

The Windows firewall protects your system from malicious activities. Therefore, this solution isn’t recommended for Outlook Error 0X800408FC. Try it out to see if it’s the cause. To open Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security, press the Windows key, then type Firewall into the search bar. Select Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security from the list of results.

In order to create a new inbound rule, select Inbound Rules from the Action menu, and then choose the Program option from the Rule Type window. After that, hit the Next button to continue.

Select the program path and click on the Browse button. Go to the following path:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16

Make sure your Outlook version is up to date. You can do this by opening any Office application, going to File > Account, and then selecting Update Options > Update Now. If you’re still having trouble, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Outlook app.

In this directory, find and open Outlook.exe. Click Next to continue. Select Allow the connection, then Next. Check the Domain, Private, and Public boxes. Click Next. Give the rule a name and optional description, then Finish.

5] PING your mail server

Pinging is a way to test if a network connection is working. It can be used to check if a specific channel is working or to confirm that a network destination is reachable. First,In order to connect to your mail server, you will need to open Command Prompt and enter the following: “telnet 110” (without the quotes).

In the Command Prompt window, type the following command to connect to your mail server:


Rewrite and using as view words from the original as possible for the content [Remember to change the part to your actual mail server address. Hit the ENTER key after entering the above command to run it.].

If you don’t get a response from the mail server, or you get an error message, then the mail server is either down, or you’re not connected to the internet.

6] Use Outlook in Safe Mode

The next step is to confirm that the Outlook application itself isn’t buggy. For this, you use the Safe Mode.Open the search box on your profile by pressing the Windows key and clicking on the search box at the bottom. Enter the following command and hit ENTER to check for issues.

outlook.exe /safe

Select a profile to continue. If there is any damage to your profile or any conflict with add-ins or other software, you will be immediately notified.

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