Free Spam Filters & Spam Blockers for Microsoft Outlook – Explained

Microsoft Outlook is pretty solid when it comes to blocking spam messages. Users can make several changes to make their inbox much safer than ever. However, there will come a time when spam or junk emails will definitely slip through the cracks. What you need is a good spam filter to block spam and junk email on your Outlook.

Outlook Spam Filters & Spam Blockers

We’re going to talk about free spam filter tools for Microsoft Outlook today. You can use them free for personal use.

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  • Mail Washer Free
  • SPAMfighter
  • Spam Reader Free

Mail Washer Free

Mail Washer There are two versions of Mail Washer, but we will focus on the free version today. The free version is powerful but has some limitations. For example, it can only protect one email account, and can’t block emails based on where they come from.

As we are only discussing the best free anti-spam filters for Microsoft Outlook, we will only discuss the free version of Mail Washer. This top-class anti-spam filter has both a free and paid version, but the free version is more than adequate for most users.

This spam filter service works great with POP3, IMAP, AOL, Gmail, and various other clients. Mail Washer has a straightforward interface, so you can easily filter out your spam emails even if you’re using Mail Washer for the first time.

After the program is installed, the protection is automatic and people shouldn’t have to do much. However, if someone is not pleased, they can add to the blacklist to make it stronger.

SPAM fighter

If you’re looking for a spam utility for Outlook that’s even recommended by Microsoft, then look no further than SPAMfighter. This powerful tool will protect all your accounts in Outlook, Outlook Express, and even Mozilla Thunderbird once installed.

SPAM fighter is a free tool that can easily capture all spam emails before they reach your inbox. It is also absolutely free, so users can easily download it from the Internet without investing a single penny. When you install SPAMfighter on your computer, it will always check all emails and whenever it receives a spam email, SPAMfighter will automatically send that email to the spam folder. This will effectively protect your inbox from all types of spam emails. SPAMfighter also protects all accounts on your computer, including Mozilla Thunderbird accounts.

Whenever you receive an email in your Outlook client, it will scan it right away to determine if it’s spam. If it is, the email will go right into your spam folder. If, for some reason, Outlook misses a spam email, you can update its database with a simple click of the mouse to make sure the same type of email gets caught next time.

Download SPAM fighter for Windows 10 directly from the official website.

Spam Reader

Spam Reader is an awesome tool that quickly scans thousands of emails within the Outlook client. Not only does it analyze your inbox to learn more about how you’re using it, but Spam Reader also takes a short while to scan thousands of emails.

Depending on the messages you’ve identified as spam, and the ones you’ve confirmed as not spam, the tool will gradually get an understanding of your usage, and therefore, will never mark similar messages as dangerous in the future.

This spam filter uses a unique technique known as the Sure/Not Sure method to accurately track and analyze your inbox in order to understand your usage and deal with potential spam emails.

With the help of this method, Spam Reader will generate a message as “Not Sure” for those emails that it cannot determine as spam or not. So, in that case, you can manually visit those emails and decide whether they are really spam or not.

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