Grammarly For Outlook App/Webmail – How To Add/Use Guide

Grammarly For Outlook App/Webmail, writing a letter, email message, blog in a professional way can be difficult.

It’s far too easy to make little mistakes which is why all writers need to stay on top of their game at all times.

Sometimes, even typing errors or silly grammar mistakes can blur your writing design and take away from what you’re trying to achieve.

Grammarly is the popular online tool known to correct grammar automatically in content. It helps users work as professionals.

It’s an add-on software easily downloaded from the Internet, and that comes in two flavors (free and paid).

The free version covers almost all aspects of Grammarly; the paid version consists of additional benefits such as more dictionaries.

In this article you will learn about one of the Outlook add-ins called Grammarly, a writing fluency enhancer which is a PC software.

Personally I can talk a lot more in depth about Grammarly but my purpose it the solution to one the biggest issues Microsoft users have, grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. These can be solved by reading this article alone.

How to add Grammarly for Outlook?

Let’s begin, every time you use Grammarly there is a brief learning curve and it takes a little bit of getting used to. However, this initial effort will be worth the while as we correct your spelling mistakes for you.

The Spell Check feature allows you to continue typing without having to go back and fix every incorrectly-spelled word. An indicator under misspelt words flashes dynamically, showing that it’s enough to right click on the red line. add-Grammarly 1

It’s a built-in feature of Windows. Now, let’s see how Grammarly works.

You can download the latest version of Grammarly for Microsoft Office at Grammarly For Outlook. Here is a quick tutorial on how to get it installed and working in your documents:

  • First download Grammarly setup from the official site.
  • grammarly-for-microsoft-outlook 2
  • Now create an account and download the setup >> Run your setup on your computer/laptop How-to-add-Grammarly-for-Outlook 3
  • Consider checking both the options and click install, your system takes a while to install the setup. then click Finish

Now you can check an additional tab logo in your outlook, which becomes a part of Outlook. Not only for the home page but also for the new message page.

grammarly-for-microsoft-outlook 4

Grammarly makes it so that your homework is already completed for you while typing, but any mistakes will be automatically corrected. When opening the Grammarly tab, additional options are available for the user, although most of them having a price.

How to use Grammarly add-in in Outlook?

Once all the steps above have been performed, Grammarly is added to Microsoft Outlook. From there you’ll want to open a new message window and compose your content.

Put your words into a message window where Grammarly is there to help you out with spelling and suggestions.

Click on the Grammarly icon in your Microsoft Outlook email sidebar to enable Grammarly for your typing and writing.

Click on All Issues . Grammarly suggestions (results) will be shown in the sidebar. Why not check it out?

How-to-use-Grammarly-add-in-in-Outlook 5

After typing your content, click All issues, you get (basic issues and premium issue), basic issues are free and easily rectified and premium issues are paid.

Grammarly For Outlook App/Webmail, content in the basic issue is free while premium content requires upgrading to Grammarly Premium.

Basic issues can be corrected quite easily with a bit of tinkering. There are two ways to fix simple issues:

  • Here dismiss the suggestion.
  • Now add to Dictionary (technically few words really worth but as per Grammarly that work does not exist), and then you can simply hit add to the dictionary and add those words in the Grammarly database.

Microsoft Outlook uses emoji to indicate animated pictures and photos.

Tone Detector

Click the Grammarly button in your Chrome toolbar, then select “Tone Detector” from the drop-down menu. The result will be displayed in a message box.

here-how-your-text-sound 6

Style Guide

Grammarly For Outlook App/Webmail, business User, take advantage of the style guide in Microsoft Outlook, which guides users to use proper grammar, tone, and word concordance (Style guide is a Grammarly premium service that you can get for $12.50/month).

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