How Outlook Font Size Changes When Replying? – Explanation Guide

How Outlook Font Size Changes When Replying, Microsoft Outlook is like an experienced father who can teach its son about proper diction and how to properly use language.

This helps the son in communicating with others in a professional manner. Font size, font color or image can also help us in communicating our message in front of others for their understanding.

Some Outlook users face an interesting problem that happens when they reply to any of their e-mail messages within the program.

For some reason, the font size in which these messages are composed becomes smaller than usual.

Although by default Microsoft Outlook has a specific size, color, and so on by default still if you want to change the font size when replying in your Office 365 account?

How to Change the Default Font and Size in Outlook When Replying?

While replying from Outlook, the default font size and color still show, which can be slightly small for some users.

When you reply to emails, though, there’s nothing more important than making your communications as effective and bold as possible because it can have a big impact on how people perceive you.

Some users have complained that they think Outlook’s default font isn’t quite right when responding to their email questions or other matters.

You can make changes to your font settings by checking out the Font tab (in the Contact Details section of your profile).

Let’s see the step by step process:

  • Here first open Outlook
  • Then click the File then Options.
  • Now the outlook Options dialog box appears with multiple options, Click on Mail in the left bar.
  • Then click Stationery and Fonts from the right bar.
  • Change-the-Default-Font-and-Size 1
  • Then the Signature and Stationery dialog box appears, there are two options, You can use predesigned themes already available in Outlook for replying, you can also design your own theme. personal-stationery-theme 2
  • After that the second option is manually set up all fonts, colors, and patterns. Here click Font under replying and forwarding the message.
  • personal-stationery 3
  • Then the new font dialog box pops up, which consists of (Font, Font Style, Size, effects, color, and a few more). You can also scale minor adjustments by hitting advance options on the above tab. new-font-dialog-box 4
  • Now hit OK once to finish and then twice more to close out of the Signatures and Stationery window and Outlook’s options.

When hitting the “Set as Default” option, you will be asked if you want to reopen the current browser window with the new settings. This option is available so you can keep your original font setting, which is:

  • Font: +Body
  • Font Style: Regular
  • Size: 11
  • Font color: Automatic

Hereafter, you should experience no issues with your email service provider. Outlook users may change the color of their font when responding to emails.

When replying, you have the option of choosing a new font so long as the original message was addressed to you. If you want to keep things clean and tidy with an uncluttered inbox, I suggest clicking “Pick a new color when replying and forwarding”.

Pick-a-new-color-when-replying-and-forwarding 5

Outlook font changes when replying is a very great feature as we have covered almost every latest tips to know “How Outlook Font Size Changes When Replying?”

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