How Outlook Snooze Email – Everything You Need To Know

How Outlook Snooze Email, Snooze an email is the best way to deal with a message that you needn’t tend to at the moment. Thanks to snooze, we can address an email we haven’t got time for right now and reschedule it.

Sometimes, there’s no time managing and replying to everything filtering through our inboxes, and we need a break from chasing after overdue emails, fortunately though thanks to the Snooze option in

We can choose how long we’re choosing not to deal with certain messages; this also helps us focus on upcoming work or events that matter by scheduling emails until this way.

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How to Snooze email in

In, you can snooze certain email messages to reappear at a potentially more convenient time. Lets see it step by step:

To snooze your email, just open in the browser. Find the email you want to snooze, and select it by making a tick in the checkbox for this message. Then click Snooze.


Select a predetermined time slot from the dropdown box, or you can set your own date/time that best.

Choose a Date

You can select the “Choose a date” option and choose the date and time then Click “save” to complete the process.

Automatic date and time

When initiating an action, there is a Reverse button which you can use to reverse it immediately.


This email will be moved to the folder “Snooze”. It can be found on the left-hand side of your screen.



You will find all of your snoozed emails in the Snoozed folder. If you want to deal with any of them before then, there is no option to un-snooze the individual email message. Instead, a button will undo all at once.

One of the drawbacks to snoozing your emails is that once you’ve set it in motion, there’s no way to reverse or undo it. If you accidentally hit snooze and skip the email, you won’t receive a notification letting you know about the update from However, if you delete or archive an email from your account, you won’t receive a notification for that message again.

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