How to create and add an Email Signature in Outlook – Guide

One of the most important features of an email is the ability to append a signature to the end of the email. This signature can contain contact information and a salutation and can be set in the email client so that it does not need to be retyped each time a new email is drafted. To create a signature and save it for future use in Microsoft Outlook, follow these steps:

Add Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook

You can customize your Outlook email signature by changing the font, size, and alignment, or adding a business card, link, or image.

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To create an email signature in Outlook:

  • Launch your Outlook client
  • Click on the File menu item and then select Options from the bottom left corner
  • The Outlook Options box will open
  • From the Outlook Options window, select the Mail option located on the left side menu
  • Now on the right side, Create or modify signatures for messages
  • Click on the Signature button
  • Click on the New button
  • In the dialog box, enter your email signature and click OK.

Here in the Edit Signature toolbar, you can change the font, make it bold, italics, or underlined, or change the size, color or alignment. You can also add a Business Card, a link, or an Image.

You can download ready-to-use email signature templates from the link provided.

How do I change my email signature in Outlook 365?

The procedure is similar. In the File menu, select Options > Mail > Signatures. Select the signature you want to edit, and then make the changes in the Edit signature box. Finally, select Save > OK.

Looking to create a professional email signature? Check out these free email signature generators!

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