How to add Expiration Date to Emails in Outlook – Guide

Outlook is an email client-server built by Microsoft. It offers several functions like contact & task management, journal logging, and calendar scheduling for meetings. It mainly concentrates on the exchange of information through email. It is commonly used by firms for official communication and data sharing. There is, therefore, at times a need for adding an expiration date to messages. This post will guide you on how to add an expiration date to emails in Outlook.

Once the expiration date of an email has passed, it can still be accessed; however, it will show that the expiry date has passed and the email is no longer valid. The user can send or receive emails even after the expiration date has passed, but this may cause confusion when managing bulk mail.

Add Expiration Date to Emails in Outlook

The expiration date in emails helps users segregate important emails from those that are no longer useful. It can be added to both received and composing emails. Once an email has passed its expiration date, the format and visuals of the email will change, so that users can distinguish between expired and useful emails.

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To add the expiration date to Emails in Outlook, follow this method:

  • Open the Outlook application and then sign in using your credentials.
  • Go to New Email > Message > Tags > Extension Arrow.
  • Mark the “Expires After” checkbox in the Properties window.
  • Then specify the Expiration Date.

To get it started, open the Outlook application and enter login credentials.

Open a New Email window to add the expiration date in the composed email.

Inside the New Email window, click on the Message ribbon, then click on the Extension Arrow that is available inside the Tags as shown in the figure.

Click the Extension Arrow then click the Properties window. Inside the Properties box, click Expires After and specify the Expiration Date.

The expiration date for an email can be added to help sort useful and non-useful emails. To add an expiration date to an email, open the email and navigate to the email’s Settings. Under the “Useful/Expired” tab, select “Expiration date” and enter the date on which the email should expire.

To open the Properties Window, click on the Extension Arrow in the Tags ribbon.

On the following page, mark the checkbox next to the “Expires After” option and then specify the Date and Time of expiration.

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