How to add or change the background color and image in Outlook email

This tutorial will tell you how to change the background color of your Outlook email and add an image. However, you have to use Outlook desktop to create and view such an email. With Outlook, there is an in-built option, so no add-in is required.

At times, the default white background of Outlook and other email clients can look boring or dull. You can change the default email background color by following the steps below.

Add or change background color & image in Outlook

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To add or change background color and image in the Outlook email app, follow these steps-

  • Click the New Email button to compose a new email.
  • Click on the body area in the compose window.
  • Switch to the Options tab.
  • Click on Page Color and select a color.
  • Click on Fill Effects > Picture > Select Picture.
  • Choose an image for the background.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Start writing your email and click on Send.

If you want to learn more about these steps, keep reading.

Open a new email compose window by clicking the New Email button. If you are already composing one, you can skip this step and start with the second step. Click on the compose window’s body area and switch from the Message tab to the Options tab. Here you will see an option called Page Color.

Choose a color for your requirements from the original. If the desired color is not visible, click on the More Colors option and enter the values to choose something unique.

It is possible to switch to the Custom tab and enter the RGB values as well.

Click the OK button to show the background color. Choose the Fill Effects button after clicking the Page Color option to add a color gradient, texture, pattern, or image.

Switch to the Picture tab, click the Select Picture button, and choose an image from a source.

At last, click on the OK button to show the image in the email background.

You can change how your text appears by adding a background color or image to it, or by changing the font, size, or color of your text. To change how your text appears:

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