How To Block And Unblock An Email Address In Outlook? – Detailed Guide

How To Block And Unblock An Email Address In Outlook, recently I could not receive an email message to my Outlook inbox, after a detailed investigation I could see that there were too many emails in my inbox, and the reason was that it was full of spam emails.

Unwanted emails are really annoying, aren’t they? Just when you get into one of your ‘down’ days and have completed a huge workload an email arrives stating something so important has occurred that it’s taking priority over everything else.

You simply can’t let this happen because if it did, you wouldn’t get anything done. Unsubscribe from what you don’t need to read.

Block an Email Address in Outlook

Deleting unnecessary emails you don’t need is often not enough to rid of unwanted emails that just keep piling up. You can block or restrict the distribution of unwanted email/s by following this link.

There are multiple ways to execute this process; let’s start with blocking the sender immediately.

  • First Launch Outlook 2013, 2017, 2019, 365
  • Then select the email which causing trouble to you.
  • Now click Home Tab from the top left corner of the screen.
  • Then select Junk from the delete section >> Block Sender
  • Block-an-Email-Address-in-Outlook 1
  • Then by clicking on Block sender required final confirmation from Outlook, hitting an OK button on the message popup complete the process.
  • confirmation-from-Outlook 2

You can also hit the right mouse button with your cursor over a selected email and then select Junk > Block Sender.

Block-an-Email-Address 3

In both options the result is the same – multiple addresses are not delivered to a single inbox.

Create Block List

Outlook is a smart application. It provides users with the ability to create lists, which can then be restricted to block out certain people or domains.

  • Now click Home Tab then Select ‘Junk’ now ‘Junk E-mail Options’. Create-Block-List 4
  • Then the Junk Email options pop up appears then Select Blocked Sender Tab Create-Block-List-outlook 5
  • Now click Add
  • And in the “Enter an e-mail address or Internet domain name to be added to the list” box, enter the name or address that you want to add. You can enter according to the below pattern:

Finally, Hit OK and all of the email addresses will be blocked. To modify this list of addresses, you can do it again by repeating the step before. If your email address is for different domains, make sure to repeat the process in advance.

How to unblock email in Outlook?

My computer gives me inability to receive emails from a certain domain and I really want to come through on that and be able to receive those emails, but there is barely any information on how to do it; we shall elaborate:

Outlook unblocks the sender’s email by reversing the blocking process.

There are two applicable methods to do so:

  • To remove the domain added to the blocked list.
  • Or add the specific email address in the safe sender list of that blocked domain

Follow the steps given below:

  • Now click Home Tab then Select “Junk” now “Junk E-mail Options”. Create-Block-List 6
  • And in the Junk Email Options dialog box, select the Safe Senders tab: How-To-Block-and-Unblock-an-Email-Address-in-Outlook 7
  • Then click Add, To add a new sender to the Safe Senders list and enter the email address or domain. add-address-or-domain 8

How To Block And Unblock An Email Address In Outlook, Click Ok, this process will be simple for Outlook users. All future emails from the same email address you give will now be unread so long as there is at least 1 unread email remaining within your inbox.

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