How To Create A RULE In Outlook To Forward Mails?

How To Create A RULE, under this context, the purpose is to declutter your inbox by using rules to automatically filter incoming emails into certain folders.

This approach takes time that you could otherwise put to better use performing other high-priority tasks. To create a rule, you need simply follow the tips provided here.

When you’re not in the right place at the right time to answer an important email, then rules can play a key role. Rules are very effective for tasks that need to be checked from time to time and completed by a third party, but they also have their limitations.

For instance, you may need to attach a file of some kind: making sure it’s attached and formatted correctly is critical and rules only go so far as to facilitate this process.

Use rules to automatically forward messages to Specific Folder

In most cases, large numbers of emails push through Outlook email accounts. Even if employees have been trained to cope with the stress involved in managing their emails, some unique features offered by Microsoft Outlook can provide unique benefits.

Some recipients respond at a later stage and they may end up misplacing an important email without looking into the folder where it has been directed to.

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  • First Open the Microsoft Outlook then Click the File tab, then click on Manage Rules & Alerts. Manage-rules-and-alerts 1
  • Then the Rules and Alerts dialog box appears, From the “E-mail Rules” tab, choose the “New Rule”. New-Rule-outlook 2
  • Now the Countdown begins from this step, before creating a rule you must think twice about what you need to accomplish.
  • After that the Rules wizard appears simply Click Apply New rule on messages I received from the start from a blank rule section and then Click Next.
  • Apply-rule-when-new-message-received 3
  • In the next step which brings multiple conditions here you like to check, here you need to forward an email received from a specific email address and forward it to the folder.
  • Question is which condition(s) do you want to check? Every user has their own scenarios, tick the check box next to each condition that you want the incoming message to match.
  • which-condition-do-you-want-to-check-583x1024 4
  • After that the next step is “what do you want to do with your message”, here you have to select either of the options according to your choice, (1) move to the specific folder (2) or move a copy to the specific folder.
  • Whenever you have select any one” Under Step 2: Edit the rule description, Click specific, which walk you through a selection of a folder, in case you didn’t have a separate folder you can create new. move-it-to-the-specific-folder 5
  • Now name the folder and select the email address you need to associate the folder with. create-new-folder 6
  • After that simply click Ok, name of the folder appears in the step 2 section.
  • Now the Next step is the exemption section, the normal scenario is a portion is skipped, click next without checking any option.
  • And finally last Rule report appears, from the above give your rule a name under “Specify a name for this rule”, check the box for “Turn on this rule” to start forwarding messages now. rule-wizard-finish 7
  • Whenever done click “Finish” and you’re done.

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