How to create a Search Folder in Outlook app – Explanation Guide

If you want to instantly access all email items that match a specific set of criteria, regardless of which folder they’re in, you can create a Search Folder. Search Folders are virtual folders that can be found in the Microsoft Outlook app’s navigation pane on the left. The folder containing the unread items is bold, and the folder whose content is not up to date is italic.

Unique messages are stored in a single folder but may appear in more than one Search Folder. If a user tries to change or delete a message, the message will also be altered or deleted in the original folder. Search Folders keep content up to date. They are a time saver that allows you to easily find messages.

How to create a Search Folder in the Outlook app

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To create a search folder, you must follow these steps to create a search folder in Outlook.

  • Launch Outlook
  • Select the Folder tab
  • Select New Search Folder
  • Select the type of Search folder you want
  • Click OK
  • Restart Outlook.
  • Launch Outlook.
  • Click the Folder tab on the menu bar.
  • In the New group, select the New Search Folder
  • You can also press the Ctrl + Shift + Pkey on the keyboard.
  • New Search Folder dialog box will appear.

In the dialog box, click on the type of search folder you want to create. Select “Unread” for this tutorial.

Then OK.

You will see the Unread Search Folder in the navigation pane on the left.

Right-Click Search Folder If you want to delete the Search Folder, right-click the folder and select Delete Folder from the context menu.

The folder is deleted.

We hope this tutorial helps you understand how to create a Search Folder in Outlook.

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