How to create Quick Steps in Outlook – Detailed Explanation

If you commonly need to perform multiple actions like forwarding an important email, Microsoft Outlook’s Quick Steps feature can save you time. Quick Steps lets you create a custom action that can do things like move messages to a specific folder, send a reply, or forward messages to another email address. You can create as many Quick Steps as you need, so you can automate all your most common email tasks.

What are the types of Quick Steps?

Quick Steps in Outlook allow you to create custom actions and save them for future use. You can define multi-step tasks that can be executed with a single click, including reply and delete, moving to a specific folder, creating a new email to assigned groups and more. With this feature, you can create a sequence of commands and apply them to any Outlook item with a click, saving time and effort.

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How to create Quick Steps in Outlook

Open Outlook, and then select the home tab. Then click the Dropdown, which shows Create a Task. Then click on New Quick-Step. Here we are selecting Move to Folder. Name the Quick-Step and then select the action. Here we can choose the folder and whether the item is marked as read.

Click on the Options button in the same window to add more options. Instead of Mark as read, you can choose some other action or add more actions. You can also assign a shortcut and tooltip text. Finally, to save your changes, select one or multiple emails and click “Move to Folder.” If you cannot find the folder, click on the dropdown and then select it from there.

Original: Make sure to apply the correct set of shortcuts to each of the Quicksteps. Outlook supports a maximum of nine shortcuts.

How to Manage Quick Steps in Outlook?

In the Outlook Home Quick Steps section, click Manage Quick Steps. This will open the quick steps management window. From here, you can edit, duplicate or delete any of the quick steps. You can also create a new quick step.

Where are Outlook quick steps saved?

For Outlook users, the PST file (also known as the mailbox) is the only place where quick steps are saved. If you use POP3, you can also bring your quick steps with you to a new computer, but if you use IMAP, the migration process is more difficult and you will have to create your quick steps again from scratch. So if you’ve always wanted to export your quick steps, that’s still not possible with Outlook.

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